HarryUzoka-TyOgunkoya-Paper-Magazine-Drool-Britannia-FAB-Magazine (1) HarryUzoka-TyOgunkoya-Paper-Magazine-Drool-Britannia-FAB-Magazine (7)Nigerian models TY Ogunkoya and Harry Uzoka feature in the same editorial for the first time. They were considered drool worthy boys for a Paper Mag editorial aptly titled Drool Britannia. They are described as Britain’s hottest, of-the-moment models in the ultimate collection of British designers. The nation’s eclectic edge.

HarryUzoka-TyOgunkoya-Paper-Magazine-Drool-Britannia-FAB-Magazine (2) HarryUzoka-TyOgunkoya-Paper-Magazine-Drool-Britannia-FAB-Magazine (3)Harry Uzoka at Premier
In a jacket by Kaite Eary, neck chain by Stephen Webster and briefs by Derek Rose.

What do you think it means to be British?
Well for me, being British is something I’m really proud of. The style, culture, music is really expressive, passionate and in your face but with a warm, charming air.

Who do you think is the sexiest Brit of all time?
Ahhhh I can’t answer this! I fall in love every week.

Who is your favorite member of the royal family?
Prince Hazza is out here! Too wavy. We’d have a decent night out on the town.

What football club do you root for?
The greatest club in the world, Arsenal FC.

HarryUzoka-TyOgunkoya-Paper-Magazine-Drool-Britannia-FAB-Magazine (4) HarryUzoka-TyOgunkoya-Paper-Magazine-Drool-Britannia-FAB-Magazine (5)Ty Ogunkoya at Premier
In pants by Vivienne Westwood.

What do you think it means to be British?
The stereotype is that we drink lots of tea, over complicate sentences and love football and cricket.

How would you define British style?
Ever changing, however, the ethos is the same…like it or not, I’m wearing it.

What is your favorite British cuisine and why?
There is a place called The Rum Kitchen in London. They fuse traditional Brit cuisine with Caribbean flavors. Anything coming out that kitchen is worthy of a spot here.

Who do you think is the most scandalous Brit of all time?
Amy Winehouse.

Check out the full feature here. Other models Harry Pulley at Elite, Ryan Pickard at Premier, Thom Morell at Select, Tommy Fitzer at Elite are part of the feature.HarryUzoka-TyOgunkoya-Paper-Magazine-Drool-Britannia-FAB-Magazine (6) HarryUzoka-TyOgunkoya-Paper-Magazine-Drool-Britannia-FAB-Magazine (8) HarryUzoka-TyOgunkoya-Paper-Magazine-Drool-Britannia-FAB-Magazine (9)

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