Full Name: Ebrima Sey

I Am FAB Ebrima Sey (1)v2

FAB thing about your name: My name is Ebrima Sey which means friend of God.

I Am FAB Ebrima Sey (3)v2

Country of origin: Gambia

FAB thing about country of origin: The FAB thing about my motherland is that Gambia is one of the smallest country’s is Africa. However it’s still so nice it is called the smiling coast of west Africa

Occupation: Student / Model / Inspiring Photographer

Three words to describe yourself: Unique, Ambitious, Professional

I Am FAB Ebrima Sey (2)v2

What makes you FAB: I believe I am FAB. The reason been I am a beautiful person, not based on looks but beauty comes within and I Ebrima Sey believe I’m a beautiful person both inside and out and that makes me fab.

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