The world is becoming a global village. Who would believe that the national football team of Italy’s two top strikers would be of African descent?


You can’t but ask which nation has benefitted economically from hosting any FIFA World Cup?


If the FIFA Confederations Cup could be so colourful. What do the Brazilians have in store for the world in 2014?

 gareth bale

Gareth Bale in, Mezit Ozil out. Can Real Madrid topple Barcelona FC in the 2013/2014 season?


Standing by the sidelines, coaches from Palio Di Canio, Mark Hughes, Andreas Villas-Boas and Samson Siasia look dapper but also got sacked. To secure permanent jobs, isn’t it better dapper looking coaches all begin to dress like Arsene Wenger and Stephen Keshi?

 Lagos Cit Nigeria - Uncle Naira's Blog

Body no be firewood. But with the ever bustling city of Lagos, do hardworking Lagosians believe in this pidgin quote?


Why are Nigerians bombarded with so much adverts from telecomm firms but internet connections aren’t top-notch?


If N950billion is the official allocation for military/defence purposes; then how come a military topgun asked for more funds and how come a military unit ran out of ammunitions during a recent shoot-out with a cell of the Boko Haram?  


Biometric gathering gadgets are found at banks, customs, The Police to other relevant parastatals. But why can’t there be a national and holistic synergy of all biometric data?


If Mrs Farida Waziri had/has facts on Olusegun Obasanjo, which Nigerians should know about, shouldn’t she reveal them?


7 year jail term for the media mogul. So, no more Bunga Bunga parties for Silvio Berlusconi? 


South Africa is where the nation is now; a great nation because of Nelson Mandela, why is Nigeria where it is now? 


The courts find it difficult to deal with looters of billions but move with astonishing alacrity to sentence and fling petty criminals behind bars. Why?


Why do the courts find it quite easy to hand out ridiculously light sentences with options of fines to political bigwigs?  

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