If you have already got yourself a copy of our Spring issue and perused Men’s fashion insider, you’d be familiar with this talented Ghanaian designer, Mina Evans. If not, here’s your chance to find out more about her.


MINA EVANS is run by 23-year-old Mina Evans-Anfom. She is a personable, confident and sociable young lady fresh out of fashion school.

Having  graduated from London Centre for Fashion Studies under Northumbria School of Design,  Design School Southern Africa, Johannesburg and understudying the premier fashion designer in Ghana; Mr. Kofi Ansah, she feels more than ready to play her part in making sure Ghana is ranked high amongst African fashion destinations.

MINA EVANS is a luxury brand that caters to women’s and men’s clothing needs.

The MINA EVANS person is the new African. They are confident, sociable, fashion forward, in control and by all means sexy. They can blend in, stand out and definitely make a statement with their clothes.

The brand has been in existence since December 2009 and was officially launched in December 2010. It was very well attended and even covered by Studio 53 Extra.


The collection is named ‘Jewels & Tulle.’ Mina imagined an all rounded powerful woman, thought of the different tasks and occasions of her day to day life and built a collection around that.

It represents what she feels all women want to be; it has elements of femininity, sensuality, sparkle and the sense of being in control. She introduced a bit of the African print in her designs but kept it to a minimum and decided to explore jewel tones. Almost all pieces are adorned with either Jewel tones embellishments or soft tulle.


And here is a selection of spectacular MINA EVANS men’s shirts:


website : www.minaevansonline.com

email : 

twitter : @mina_evans

facebook : www.facebook.com/MinaEvans





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  1. Amina

    Nice collection, nothing too overboard, all the models on the runway look like they can go from the runway straight to a party, family gathering, date or even an office TGIF garthering lol! The model in the house might be wearing clothes from her well put together tasteful wardrobe.


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