Tonight on BBC 3, Unreported World airs its documentary on child brides in India and Bangladesh – two countries with the world’s highest rates of child marriage.

Presented by Nel Hedayat, The Truth about Child Brides reveals what life is really like for children forced to marry as young as six years old, through this compelling and eye-opening journey that also explores the consequences of pregnancy at a young age, which often leads to dangerous labours and horrific medical conditions that leave young women as outcasts.

The documentary also provides an up close encounter with a few of the 10 million girls a year who marry under the age of 18 (that’s one every three seconds), as well as those who form part of the growing movement of girls who refuse marriage, defying their families to garner an education and maintain their childhood.


Still from Unreported World's Nigeria: Child Brides, Stolen Lives

The programme will be on tonight at 9.00pm on BBC3, and follows the success of Unreported World’s many documentaries on the controversial issues affecting the world, including the 2008 documentary on child marriage in Nigeria, Nigeria: Child Brides, Stolen Lives.

Follow this link to watch Nigeria: Child Brides, Stolen Lives, or to subscribe to Unreported World’s documentaries on Youtube, click here

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