Last night on Channel 4, Unreported World’s  Seyi Rhodes investigated the proliferation of Pentecostal churches in Nigeria –  organisations run by charismatic and wealthy pastors who offer the faithful material riches in addition to the banishement of demons and disease.




It was suggested that the more cash the worshippers throw at the feet at some of the spiritual leaders, the greater the likelihood of salvation for the donors – 10% of everbody’s income was regarded as standard for the collection.


The central figure in the programme was Sign Fireman who, after his 2,000-strong ‘Burial of Satan’ event, said: “In the church, we’ve had countless dead people raised back to life.” When questioned about his fleet of vehicals and all of his bling, he retorted: “Jesus was rich – and he had an accountant,” which is certainly an interesting statement to make.



Nigeria’s Millionaire Preachers, an interesting and intelligent documentary or just another instance of Naija bashing?


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  1. Regina

    First, I am glad that this report was made by a fellow countryman. I’m still glad that it is shown here how possible it is to manipulate their “own people” from their “own pastors”. From the perspective of a European woman, I am glad that WE were not to blame in respect of the past colonization.
    My experience during my visits to Nigeria and Ghana, the Phänomän of the H.I.P = “Hallelujah HIP Infected People” is also te same in Europe. Most of these H.I.P believers come from Africa. I also kept endless discussions with the result that it will take a long time before the H.I.P – the VIRUS – will disappear from the minds of human that was transmitted across generations. This is the reality.
    But we must begin to lead with an awareness of things – to the people – that they open the mind and the eyes- so that they are “aware” of the matter. The perfect marketing from black African churches reflected in the fact, that the pastors, who are very conscious of “how” they can exploit their own people.
    What is the cost alone, for posters, banners, flyers, CDs, personal books, etc., etc.? And the sheep are told that they can do nothing better than to donate to a collection. The tricky Pastors know, that the sheep do not reflect. In one of my discussions they H.I.P told me, they give the collection to the man of God to GOD. FINISH. Another question about the cost of advertising for the churches has been answered, that every business man makes advertising for his product. FINISH.
    When I argue that for only one flyer on glossy paper, graphikdeseign, the expensive clothes of the pastor, cost for photographer, the cost of printing, the following marketing – that for this money, only for “one” flyer, that could build for all these costs a water pump in a village. I had expected, that they come into a solidarity thinking. Far Far Far is this solidarity.
    We all know that there is hunger and misery in Africa.
    H.I.P mention the psalms from the Bible and have their own interpretation. The pastors are using this for the SHOW. Running up and down like a grashopper. They know uncountable tricks – knowing what their own people like. It’s like a drug, the Flash, they can take home. H.I.P have no awareness that their financial contribution to God does not fill their stomachs and certainly not jointly liable for the other. MONEY is what they worship. Sometimes I wonder, what kind of satisfaction the H.I.P have the if they see the Nairas – sometimes collected from the ground – and collected in big xxxL- large refuse plastic bags. Not reflecting, when this tradition came up, as by weddings, music shows and other celebrations. DANCING IN MONEY.
    But in the churches, it goes even further with the “dumbing down” of the people. They are manipulated with healing and miracles. The pastors are giving the H.I.P the feeling, that they can be a part of his super natural power. Africans love this shows.
    Why so you think is this booming Buiseness in African churches with HEALING AND MIRACLES not attractiv for our Doctors with sick patients from Europe and the rest of the world to send them to Africa churches ???
    Is this not always the same show? Blind can see / cripple can walk. This trick we have long known. For pastors it is easy to find Actors for this show. (Everybody is hungry). Sometimes exorcism healing – but H.I.P like to heare the so-called cured. Well, the show is staged by the pastors with their whipping Jesus cries – to penetrate into the brain of the H.I.P people. When H.I.P cheer, dance, closing the eyes – it could be, that the pastor in his mind converted allready the Nairas to Dollar.
    For H.I.P is not clear that there is no WIN / WIN situation. They go back home in their misery, while the pastor is busy counting the money of the collection. When his show was good, he can be sure that the chairs are occupied in the church again next time.
    Children of H.I.P parents have it especially hard. Especially the children, which can not be allowed to go to school. Would it not be easy to take advantage of the times when the churches are empty, to teach the children the alphabet on the chairs? A dedicated teacher or a student, a blackboard and chalk. There are enough chairs. Education is the key and the future for this children.
    What problem can be solved by their own people?
    How long will Africa be depend from Europe and the rest of the world with countless different projects in Africa??? What can be solved but by their own people?
    We are all human and make mistakes. If I had someone juged wrong from my experiences and impressions, then it may be, that many things should be reconsidered. In any case, I thank Mr. Ohene Almaz and his team. I would like to thank them all and encourage them to continue.


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