‘Spirit of Africa’ is an exciting and innovative new musical that captures the true diversity of the The Continent.

An array of UK- based African dance performance groups, including Kenyan, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Somali, Zimbabwean, Guinea, Ethiopian, Mali, Ghanaian, Ugandan,  Nigerian and  South African Zulu dance troupes, have joined forces for a one of a kind production, which is set to captivate audiences up and down the country.

Using the themes of community and crisis, the performance will showcase the best of African culture. The enthralling epic storyline sees East meet West and South collides with North, as all of Africa prays for rain after the villagers of Bamba commit atrocities and the Gods punish them by bringing drought to the entire African regions. Instead of acknowledging their mistakes and seeking forgiveness they get an evil, wicked seer, to lie that the sacrifice should be the virgin girl called Amani.

This unique show is put together by Artistic Director/Choreographer Uche Micheal, directed under the guidance of Kathy Gregory and expertly produced by the Masai Cultural Arts whose experience includes performing at the BBC One Show.

Powerful singing, dancing and drumming create a truly spectacular musical experience. As the latest in a long line of high-quality African productions, audiences are sure to take ‘The Spirit of Afrika’ straight to their hearts.

For further information please check the following sites:

www.spiritofafrika.co.uk  and http://www.facebook.com/spiritofafrica

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