Lights Camera Africa Film Festival General CampaignThe Life House is proud to announce that the third edition of the Lights, Camera, Africa!!! Film Festival will hold in Lagos from September 28 to October 1.

This year’s edition, themed ‘Great Migrations’, is brought to you in collaboration with partners old and new: the African Film Festival Inc., New York, and Nadia Denton.

Lights, Camera, Africa!!! 2013 will hold feature and documentary film screenings, workshops, discussions in line with this year’s festival theme at the British Council, Southern Sun Hotel, Wheatbaker Hotel and Freedom Park in Lagos.

‘Great Migrations’ refers to our global village, increasingly shrunk by technology. As a result, our ideas, data and people travel further and faster than ever before, re-shaping our worldscape. These migrations occur in the physical and metaphysical spheres. They can bring people closer or cause paradigm shifts.

The festival, which is broadening its repertoire to include genres such as animation, will be screening dozens of movies this year, exploring various types of migration from and to Africa. They include Chinonye Chukwu’s Alaskaland, the coming-of-age story of a Nigerian raised in Alaska and Mark Gettes’ Fela! In Lagos which follows the cast of the Broadway production as they connect with the musical icon’s city.  But there’s also Mugabe: Villain or Hero, where director Roy Agyemang examines how perceptions of the controversial figure have evolved, and many more thought-provoking films.

Fairs, talks and concerts will intersperse the programming, showcasing other forms of African art, beyond film.

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