Christian Simcea Photography - A chemical plant in Timisoara, Romania


Sheffield based, Romanian photographer Cristina Simcea describes her photos series on Urban Decay for FAB.








“Acting as a flâneuse (being a botanist of the pavement) I walk the city in order to experience it, to decipher the urban experience. The pictures take the form of the meditation, thoughts and observations of a passenger travelling between urban environments and capturing their cadence and decadence.”
“The world has moved on leaving behind a modern archaeological record. The pictures become a reflection of my journey through places that have stood still through time exceeding their initial “life expectancy” or usage. This translates into a universal fate for every addition we make to the landscape. By capturing their textures and interpreting them, traces of the past become more visible.”


All pictures were taken in Timisoara, Romania during the course of summer 2011.


An ethanol plant


The emphasis is in this picture is not factory, it's more on capturing the mishmash of the city.


An industrial park


A sugar factory



A chemical plant



A derelict auto service centre


“One of my favourite subjects to photograph is abandoned factories. They are usually regarded as anomalies on a city’s landscape. They have long stopped serving a purpose but there is still something so strikingly imposing about them and to me – they convey a sense of grandeur. I guess they give me the impression that they’ve sorta grown old with the city, that capturing them means photographing years and years of interaction between us and them, between them and the landscape.”

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