A new and somewhat pioneering documentary series will hit TV screens next week, examining the science behind using food as medicine.

In an interesting and unique bid to dispell or prove the myths surrounding specific foods and their abilities to help or cure health conditions, patients suffering from a range of medical symptoms, ailments and diseases – including cancer – have been invited to take part in the series, where they will be prescribed specific food treatment programmes.

With ‘rigorous’ scientific analysis, the 8 part series will document each patient’s food ‘medication’ programme, following their detailed consultations with a GP, a specialist consultant related to their condition, and a leading NHS dietitian where they’ll be ‘prescribed’ specific foods and receive advice about how to integrate them into their diets or leave them out completely. The series will also see patients monitored with follow up appointments and explain whether the food has alleviated or cured the patient’s condition.

Brilliantly seeking to quash old wives’ tales, as well as reveal hidden benefits to everyday foods, The Food Hospital investigates a range of conditions, from common problems like chronic fatigue and eczema, to the more unusual ailments like fish odour syndrome and gout, as well as life-threatening diseases like type 2 diabetes and breast cancer.










Experts involved in the programme include Mr Shaw Somers, specialist consultant gastrointestinal and bariatric surgeon, Lucy Jones, who is senior specialist dietitian at the Whittington Hospital, North London, as well as general practitioner Dr Giovanni Miletto.

As well as in the series, there is also an official book launching 10th November 2011 to coincide with The Food Hospital series, written by the series’ three experts and published by Michael Joseph.

The Food Hospital airs on Channel 4 at 8pm on 1st November 2011









To view the series, turn over to Channel 4 at 8pm on 1st November 2011.

Visit channel4.com/thefoodhospital for more information.

Prod Company: Betty

Series Prod: Neil Smith

Exec Prods: Sarah Freethy and Walter Iuzzolino

Series Dir : Vicki Cooper

Comm Ed: Tanya Shaw


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4 Responses

  1. stephen lee

    just been watching the programme 1/11/11 I’m a type 2 diabetic. I visited your web site hoping I could find something on the diet set up for the guy who is diabetic on the 800gal diet can you send a link or some information on the diet.

    Many thanks
    Mr Stephen Lee

  2. Anne

    Would love to take part in the High Blood Pressure test but cannot get onto the site, please can you help?

  3. Jean Moore

    I have to give myself an injection of metotrexato 25mg every week and its affecting my liver a little bit, and also makes me very bloated, and I cant loose weight, I’m 68 and not in pain on this injection

  4. James M

    Would like to know if they have done a show about people living with HIV and what food items would be best.


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