The cover for Vanity Fair’s March 2014 issue by Annie Leibovitz is actually a  reprint from Vogue US January 2009.

Barack-Obama-Vanity-Fair-France-March-2014-FAB-MagazineThe magazine states that in its March issue, Vanity Fair you discover a Barack Obama as you’ve never seen. Or rather, both Barack Obama. The nonchalant student who in 1981 delivered his first political speech, leaving behind surfing, girls and partying. And thirty-three years later, the president prepares his legend evokes the loneliness of power, his inability to change the world but fighting still to be taken.

Find 28 exclusive pages on Barack Obama in the ninth issue of Vanity Fair. Subscribe to Vanity Fair or find the number 9 on newsstands Wednesday, February 26. Read the feature Here.

Source: Twitter/VanityFairFr

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