When the leaked photos of Beyonce on the cover of GQ were spilled all over the internet, it was the frenzy and everyone couldn’t seem to get enough of them especially as the singer was making her strong comeback a stunning and equally sexy one.

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Beyonce who had been savoring her break from the media and avoiding more public performances and appearances after  her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter was born makes this debut comeback a really big one. And with a body like hers? You’ve got no choice but love this cover that features “The 100 sexiest women of the 21st century”.

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The 31-year-old flaunts her abs and toned legs while her cropped soccer jersey shirt exposes her under boob, barely covering it and her print underwear shows its stylish two-sided zipper. She is adorned with a gold chain necklace, belly chain that hangs all across her tommy and a bracelet – all that in one photo; that’s a killer move!

Although loved by many, both have received their fair share of  criticisms – Beyonce, for having an air-brushed, “fake” look and Rihanna for being overly sensual. Read the twitter comments below and tell us what you think and who in your opinion had the winning cover but see Rihanna‘s videos for Diamonds and What’s my name? featuring Drake.


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  1. Michelle Spice

    This is not our culture but dam we are trying so hard to be head to head with the real hitters of the industry!

    I would not do that! I am classy not trashy! Afrikan women don’t need to be competing to be hores in their nude or nearly nude bodies on any magazine cover… We know what we have alreay, let the rest of whoever or whatever continue their lusting!

    Be proud of your bodies but carry them with dignity and great pride! It’s for you and your spouse to see admire in a private way, not for john public.

    Both women should be doing something better and uplifting with their time that is more productive to them their culture and community…

    Lets not go there….


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