Iconic photographer and Gospel singer, TY Bello is the cover personality in this edition of Style Mania magazine and she totally rocks this January 2013 cover!

TY looks absolutely amazing on this cover and the fact that she works it so effortlessly well in her cropped jumpsuit is a big plus.

This issue documents powerful photographic contributions from Yetunde Babaeko and Adeyeye Adetayo of Taryor Gabriels Ensemble contributes immensely to complete the team’s work of perfection.

The Future singer thoroughly brings her magic on this one and we give it up for her. Don’t you think she looks great on that cover?

Covering Style Mania's December 2011 issue

Covering Style Mania’s December 2011 issue

You should see TY again her video, The Future


Greenland was a big break for the multifaceted artist; watch the video


We absolutely love both editions but tell us what cover you think TY Bello rocked better.

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  1. Michelle Spice

    This is what I am talking about beautiful Afrikan sistah’s, Ty Bello. I have not listened to them yet but I will…


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