Here at FAB HQ we are huge fans of the fast rising Nollywood talent that is O.C. Ukeje so we were delighted to see him on the cover of The Nubian The Men’s Issue. Not only a cover though, as the team also treated us O.C. fans to an interview with the actor.


Check out O.C.’s frank answers to the interview.

On how he started his career

Well I just hopped on what I thought were my natural gifts and that includes singing as well…I was doing more of music before the acting started. But it was me making myself available to my gifts and I guess people noticed and I saw how this could be a good way to make a livelihood

I did not have any big plans in the beginning but, hey, here I am trying to do what Pinky and the Brain discuss all the time.

On how acting changed his life

Acting had changed my life totally. It has done a whole lot for me. The income is not as steady as a nine to five as one has to choose roles with caution and wisdom, but the more I grow, the better pay becomes and the farther my earnings go.

On his father’s passing

Ummmm, well it was an odd mix of feelings, it was like I did not know how to feel it or to express it, you know? So on the outside, it was as though I got over the death quickly. But it still haunts me today, perhaps now more than ever before. I am at that age where I could really do with some help. Some advice from a father.

To read this whole interview and see the photo shoot lensed by Ewemade Emakpoe and styled by Denola Adepetun, head over to Nubian Closet now.

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