FAB COVER: Kerry Washington covers Flare Magazine


We recently brought you Kerry Washington’s Glamour Magazine‘s September Issue cover. The actress scores a place on another magazine over.   Canada’s FLARE.


The Hollywood star who is nominated for an Emmy for her role as Olivia Pope in the abc series, dazzles on the cover of Canada’s FLARE in a printastic Miu Miu coat. . Her cover outfit was styled with a gold polka dot Miu Miu scarf and white Christian Louboutin heels. On her secret wedding to Nigerian-American NFL Player Nnamdi Asomugha, the star stayed mum just like she did for the Glamour Magazine interview.


Read excerpts from the interview below:
On rooting for the mistress on Scandal - A lot of people have had an affair. Most people haven’t had an affair with the president of the United States. But they can relate to it… I had girlfriends calling me from week three [of Scandal] going, “I’m really uncomfortable. Why am I rooting for the mistress? I’m a married woman!” And I would say, “It’s OK, it’s OK.”… There are some ways you want to be Olivia Pope and some ways you want to do a major intervention for her.”

On why she loves acting – I love those moments that are few and far between, where you’re so deeply, deeply invested in an imaginary world that you truly forget yourself for a little while, and the only reality that exists is the reality of that scene. That’s like drugs to me. And it is hard to find that high, but that’s what you work for.”

On her love of fashion – The red carpet is good marketing. When you work so hard, you should stand behind the project in a way that magnetizes people. So I, like a good, only-child student, studied fashion and decided I was going to play that game, and fell in love with it, and with the artists and designers.

On childhood ambitions  - I didn’t think I would do this for a living—because I didn’t know anybody who did. I come from an academic family, so I figured I would have a real job.

On the challenging of being an only child – You feel like the pressure’s on you to live up to all of the dreams and expectations, because you’re it.

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