X-Men‘s French film actor Omar Sy is the cover star for the June 2014 issue of French Vanity Fair. Omar Sy who was featured in a fashion editorial for GQ in May 2014 seems to be fast gaining popularity.

On the cover the actor poses in a sky blue chinos, a white shirt with short sleeves rolled up and a purple tie hook. He also wears a silver watch on his right arm, holding a pair of black sun glasses

10334278_10152938812823636_1113728638944873282_n-1 10371382_10152938812673636_7952531690166503653_n 10371892_10152938812563636_3246083549116352883_n-1 10373646_10152938812758636_1606105099004674851_n-1The actor and comedian was first known for his role in The Untouchables. The Vanity Fair France magazine describes Omar Sy as the new American model Made In France, due to his growing reputation roles on the big screen, most recently X-Men Days of Future Past.

He tells Vanity Fair that “The Untouchables success was a big joke. Then there was X -Men, and now Jurassic World…continuing the joke. It is a true gift…I just expect it to stop!

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