Stop Press! Adele and Chris Brown were not at blows after all at the Grammys. After the above photo surfaced on cyberspace, many assumed Adele was giving Breezy a dressing down.

Adele took to her Twitter page to clarify exactly what went down during their encounter.

“Chris Brown and I were complimenting each other in that photo actually!” tweeted the “Skyfall” singer hitting back at speculations.

Many assumed the photo was proof of Adele chastising Brown for his lack of manners as Brown failed to join in a standing ovation after fellow R&B star Frank Ocean bested him for a Best Urban Contemporary Album Grammy—this after the two got into a fight at a Los Angeles recording studio recently. that we know all is well between the Welsh lass and the bad boy of hip hop, it is competition time. Want to get your hands on a FAB gift set? Come up with a caption for how Adele and Breezy are complimenting each other in the main image above to get your hands on our prize.

May the best caption win!

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12 Responses

  1. funmi

    Adele- hey you. Fancy seeing you here. Thought you were going to miss it.
    Chris- well… You know how it is! Just had to show up before I have the press on my case again.

  2. BadGuyP

    Adele: Chris, you really hurt my wrist bone there. Don’t ever grab me like that again ever
    Chris: Relax lady, I know about Rihanna being a diva but you…Common!

  3. Oluwaseyi Onifade

    ADELE- ‘Heeeeeeeyyyyy!!! Nice suit. You haven’t punched anyone all night Chris. Well Dooooonnnnee!!’ CHRIS-‘ Who? Me? Hey don’t judge me!’

  4. hablad

    Adele:dude!I thought you was gonna miss the fun here
    Brown:missed the fun!hell.l,no.I was trying to make up a good outfit for the beautiful one’s outer there

  5. Oluwaseyi Onifade

    ADELE- ‘Hey nice suit. You haven’t punched anyone all night Chris. Well Done!’ CHRIS- ‘Hey don’t judge me!’

  6. Oluwaseyi Onifade

    ADELE- ‘Hey nice suit! You haven’t punched anyone all night Chris. Well Done! CHRIS- ‘Hey don’t judge me!’

  7. Michael Segun Bolarinwa

    Chris Brown – You look gorgeous after losing much weight
    Adele – Aint nobody bi-ness (in Rihanna’s voice) about my weight loss

    • reporter

      Congratulations, Michael Segun Bolarinwa, please send us your number as a comment to claim your gift! Thank you

      • Michael Segun Bolarinwa

        Thanks for finding my comment worthy of winning. My phone number is 08038097763. Look forward to receiving your call on how to receive the prize.

  8. butter boy

    ooohhh! where was i when they were playing this game. pls play another one, and send my gift to new york.


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