Julius Agwu

Comedian Julius Agwu recently released this video and it’s gone viral. Why wouldn’t it? This is one video Julius really displays his comic side on. The story about it is he has some sort of love interest in a white girl whom he proudly takes to the ATM with the intention of getting some money out to treat her to a really good time – probably on a shopping spree or something.


The “Money no be Problem” song is being played in the background, giving the heightened impression of just how Julius‘s wealth is limitless. When they get to  the machine, Julius, surprisingly and most embarrassing for him, doesn’t have any money in there.

Watch the drama that unfold, yourself.


The video is said to promote his Crack Ya Ribs with Julius “D’Genius” Agwu in London. Watch Julius Agwu in a clip from “Crack Ya Ribs” comedy show.

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