FAB COLLECTION: Lanre DaSilva Ajayi (LDA Couture) – Pictorial Expression


Lanre DaSilva Ajayi (LDA) just released a breath-taking collection aptly titled Pictorial Expression.

The collection was created for the Dolce & Gabbana Spiga Concept store in Milan, Italy where the brand currently stocks and of course for all of you. Lanre the designer said and I quote, “Couture, colour and boldness with an edgy twist are the signature of my designs.”

The Pictorial Expression pieces were made from fabrics ranging from silk & lace to Aso-Oke. I am positive you like what you see above. Now, see more of her FAB creations below:

Lanre-Da-Silva-Pictorial-Expression-Autumn-Winter-Collection1 Lanre-Da-Silva-Pictorial-Expression-Autumn-Winter-Collection2 Lanre-Da-Silva-Pictorial-Expression-Autumn-Winter-Collection3 Lanre-Da-Silva-Pictorial-Expression-Autumn-Winter-Collection4 Lanre-Da-Silva-Pictorial-Expression-Autumn-Winter-Collection5 Lanre-Da-Silva-Pictorial-Expression-Autumn-Winter-Collection6 Lanre-Da-Silva-Pictorial-Expression-Autumn-Winter-Collection7 Lanre-Da-Silva-Pictorial-Expression-Autumn-Winter-Collection8 Lanre-Da-Silva-Pictorial-Expression-Autumn-Winter-Collection9 Lanre-Da-Silva-Pictorial-Expression-Autumn-Winter-Collection10 Lanre-Da-Silva-Pictorial-Expression-Autumn-Winter-Collection11 Lanre-Da-Silva-Pictorial-Expression-Autumn-Winter-Collection13 Lanre-Da-Silva-Pictorial-Expression-Autumn-Winter-Collection14 Lanre-Da-Silva-Pictorial-Expression-Autumn-Winter-Collection15 Lanre-Da-Silva-Pictorial-Expression-Autumn-Winter-Collection16 Lanre-Da-Silva-Pictorial-Expression-Autumn-Winter-Collection17 Lanre-Da-Silva-Pictorial-Expression-Autumn-Winter-Collection18 Lanre-Da-Silva-Pictorial-Expression-Autumn-Winter-Collection-2013-BellaNaija-September-2013-11

Photo Credits:

Photographer: Moussa Moussa

Hair, Makeup & Styling: The LDA Team

Model: Oby

To buy a piece from the LDA design label visit their flagship boutique at 1B, Lanre Da Silva Close, off Hannat Balogun Dolphin Extension Ikoyi, Lagos | Call +234 802 394 1463 | Visit www.lanredasilvaajayi.com


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