There are many occasions to give gifts to your boyfriend’s dad. Although it can be quite easy to get your own dad a gift, it can be really difficult trying to get a gift for your boyfriend’s dad, especially during festive seasons like Christmas and the new year.

Here are a few gift ideas for your boyfriend’s dad, and remember you should always plan to buy a gift in line with your budget. Gifts do not have to be extremely expensive, as long as they are nice and thoughtful and pass on the intended message of love during this season. Always be careful when purchasing gifts for your boyfriend’s dad, so that you do not pass on the wrong message, and remember that you can specifically ask your boyfriend what his dad would like.

1.     Tickets to go see a movie or a series of his favourite movies.


You could get him a box of his favourite shows or films which are probably not easy for him to come across these days. He would really appreciate being able to watch some “oldies” and relive some wonderful scenes with his wife. Otherwise, you could get him tickets to go see some new movies he would like to watch at the mall, especially if he has been talking about going to see a specific movie.

2.     A wonderful framed photo of his entire family (especially if he has grandchildren).

Framed Family photo

With the help of your boyfriend, choose special moments in his family’s lives and put together a collection of photos into a large photo frame (which could have colours that suit his house), wrap it up and give to him during Christmas. He would sure have big smiles on his face.

3.     A high-quality, great leather wallet.


This should be a wallet that is durable and long-lasting. It should also be able to hold just what he needs and won’t get worn out easily and quickly, try to get a specific colour and shape that suits him.

4.     A magazine subscription.


This is also a really nice and thoughtful gift which might not cost so much. Since the New Year is really close, surprise him by getting him a magazine subscription for year 2013 in any of his favourite magazines such as Times, National Geographic etc.

5.     A stylish, quality, modern watch.


You could get him a watch from one of his favourite designers and you might even be lucky to get it at a really good bargain this holiday as some shops have good sales during Christmas, otherwise plan ahead of time so you could get it at a better price.

6.     One or two of his favourite kind of books.


Get him books on travel, food, history, art, business or any other subject of interest to him and this can make a perfect gift idea for Christmas. You can also get a gift pack of books and wrap them up to look even better.

7.     A business card case.

giorgio business card case

If your boyfriend’s dad is a businessman and is frequently seen to pass out his own business cards to clients or potential clients, then a stylish and professional business card case will definitely be a great gift for Christmas. Remember to pick up a really nice colour and type he would love.

8.     Get him a really cool and trendy gadget.


If you can afford one this Christmas, then go for it. If your boyfriend’s dad is a fan of high-tech gadgets, then you should find out what particular type of gadget he has always been talking of getting for the past few months, and if you have a budget which can include purchasing that, then why not?

Hope this list guides you as you search for a really great gift for your boyfriend’s dad this Christmas, and if you had forgotten to include this in your budget for Christmas, then put it down in your to-do-list. Giving him a gift this Christmas would really mean a lot to him.



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