Hazel Aggrey-Orleans

Hazel Aggrey-Orleans

Just stay glued to this page and read more about my conversation with Hazel Aggrey-Orleans Owner/Designer of the Fashion brand Eki Orleans

Tell us a bit about your background?

My background is languages and marketing with a love for colour and culture.

How did you get into Fashion designing and how did your label come about?

I ventured into fashion because I love the idea of translating my culture and love for colour into art. It was a journey I took by myself and grew along the way, experimenting with design and textiles. First, we started designing scarves and later ventured into designing our own fabrics, which all narrate an African story on silk. My first passion are the prints and from there, we design the dresses.

What could a potential client expect on a visit to your fashion house?

Good attention to detail customer service and the great feeling of beautiful silk prints on their skin.

What fashion events have you done?

ARISE, LFDW, AFI and some charity fashion shows in NY and London.

What goes into the buildup of a new collection?

1. Identifying a topic or a journey that is important to me.

2. Researching on ways to interpret that into our print design.

3. Start sketching the print designs.

4. Researching dress designs to compliment the print story.

5. Sketching the dresses.

6. Placement of the prints on the dresses.

7. Sampling of the dresses.

8. Photoshoot



How many collections do you have to your credit?

About 7

Name some of your famous clients/ celebrities?

Noella Coursaris, Adora Oleh, Tiwa Savage, Eku Edewor, Jumai Shaba

Any challenges in the industry?

  • Getting buyers to buy into your story.
  • Building your brand consistently.
  • Being constantly inspired
  •  Finance

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Where can one get your label to buy?

www.ekiorleans.com or

Grey Velvet (Nigeria), Carnet de Mode (France), Larmoire Chic (UK)

FAB fashion book of all time

Desert Flower

FAB fashion movie of all time

Law abiding citizen

FAB fashion event

Victoria Secret Fashion Catwalks

FAB destination for retailing


FAB fashion blog

FAB magazine

FAB celebrity you wish to style

Thandie Newton

FAB fashion accessories

Eki scarf

FAB way to relax

Travelling and sports

FAB African dish




FAB thing about being African

The rich heritage

FAB scent

Costume National

FAB music for your runway show

Music by my very talented musician friend Xantone Blacq

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