The style man of our time. He loves his clothes and matches them up in a bespoke style anytime on the floor of an event. Very outspoken and deep sense of fashion in his DNA.

FAB Chats caught up with Kwabena Quainoo the MCee for a chat.

Tell us a bit about Kwabena Quainoo?

Kwabena Quainoo is the embodiment of the new school when it comes to hosting of events . Kwabena Quainoo is a team so call it team Kwabena Quainoo . It’s made up of professional emcees , musicians , poets , professional comedians , etc .. so when you meet clients and you get their vision you can get any one of these on board .. so Kwabena Quainoo is a team 👍

Your background and family?

Lost my super mom at 11 going on 12 , after lost my big sister in church less than a year .. currently have a big brother and a sister who are happily married and made me a proud uncle. But personally family is anyone who has me at heart 👍

Your educational background ?

I attended St Theresa’s School for my junior high education, St. Augustine College in Cape Coast for my Senior high education and Kwame University of Science and Technology for my tertiary where I studied Political Science in 2011. I will be studying marketing soon.

What inspires you to do what you do?

Hmm, my growth … lost my mom early , and mind you I was the kid who has his big brother as his all, father , mother , sister and everything .. just want everyone to know no matter what, your dreams are always valid

How did you start of with your career?

Always loved attention and always love to make people happy , not necessarily the class clown but the happy guy who made sure everyone wore a smile . Remember back in St. Theresa’s , was one of the best basketball players and because I hated training, coach didn’t like to start with me but when the going got tough , Ray as I was affectionately called was always there to rescue , making everyone happy .. so this passion grew with me . Well so after university , started attending events , and always with my iPad beside me taking notes and I secretly understudied Mister Ken Carbonu , even when I wasn’t invited I will go to event haven and the rest just to spy him and learn .. after some years , did my first show for a friend , erred a lot of times , the audience didn’t spare me so came home , didn’t sleep and started researching and reading and bamm today I am the emcee of our time

How as your career choice shaped your lifestyle?

As a brand I have values I trend on . Motivate and inspire people, believe in themselves , put God first , have your own style and still win , you don’t necessarily have to be like someone else , everyone is taken so be You .. and add style to all you do .. well now I can say feedback has made me know these values resonated with people ..

What are some of the greatest moments you have had in your career?

The feeling of putting smiles on people’s faces and planting happiness in their minds is so fulfilling for me

What is your secret when doing what you do best?

When ever you are on the mic , you are close to the life of the event , you are the master of ceremony , you give the event life .. and if you are giving an event life you should know every opportunity you are inspiring and motivating someone so you give it your all . I always say if my work doesn’t inspire you then I am doing nothing .. answer is in the quote 👍

Any role model in your career both local and international?

I have no role models , but have different stories that inspire me .. personally I think taking a role model limits you.. my good friend Kay will tell you the sky is not the limit , it’s just the beginning

What are some of the challenges you face in your career?

Importance of time and it’s value ..

How do you manage your career with the growing trend of young vibrant competitions nowadays?

In my world , there is nothing like competition, I just want to be better than my last performance.. focus is on me and winning and becoming better and more creative .. I am in competition with myself

What is your philosophy in life.

God’s grace will take you places ….hustling and education can’t

What will you miss about your career if you should change careers now?

Haven’t thought about it yet but I love it and won’t change it or trade it for anything ..

FAB Read of all time?

I love to read , well most of the things I know I learnt it from books , reading has influenced and shaped my life Alot .. hmm tough one .. but Rick Warren’s The purpose Driven life 👍

FAB Destination?

Paris or Milan won’t be bad cuz I love to shop ..I love style.

FAB Dining ?

Team Jollof

FAB designers?

Tom ford , Gucci , Salvatore ferragamo etc

FAB Automobile you drive and wish to drive?

Team German , I love Benz

FAB Perfume?

Tough one , have some perfumes for different occasions and reasons but my fav hmm .. the classic He wood D squared Clinique happy for him and Tom ford extreme noir mixed together. That is my smell. All mixed together

FAB Events you have MCeed of all time?

That’s a funny one but my best is yet to come .. the feeling you get when a client who contracted you showers praises on you is enough .. I have no favorites , best is yet to come

It was great chatting with you MCee of our time.

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