Award-winning singer, Adele

From the time that sensational singer and eight-time Grammy winner (we can’t stop saying that), Adele burst into our consciousness as that resilient born-to-win singer whose voice would be heard come what may, we loved her. Definitely did. She had and still possesses that power in her voice that you can’t resist. Maybe it’s the reminiscent feeling it gives you or the warmth you get when you listen to her songs. We really might not be able to place a finger on it but we can’t deny the impact thereof. Maybe that’s what endeared her to boyfriend Konecki. Why do we always call him that? His name is Simon Konecki by the way.

Charity project host, Simon Konecki

Have you ever stopped to wonder about the inseparable love both share? I haven’t seized to wonder. No doubt, Adele has been heartbroken before and probably dumped – what inspired her to write that smashing hit (by ‘smashing’, I don’t mean ‘fast-paced’), Someone like you in the album, 21.

You need to see Adele‘s Someone like you again
Someone like you tells the story of a heartbroken Adele (let’s put it that way since it’s her story) who is somewhat saddened by the news of her ex settling down – her ex who probably dumped her. She takes it all in good faith and believes, in fact uses the song to comfort herself that she will find ‘someone like you’ again. So you see how that title came to being? Well she did! Simon Konecki came along. And how loving he was! How supportive he truly is.

Simon, we begun to be very aware of earlier this year (January) as a result of his relationship with Adele. Did I mention that he’s got a wife, fashion stylist, Clary Fisher? (ex-wife since he’s no longer with her but she’s got a five-year-old daughter for him). Okay, I just did.

Asides from being Adele’s boyfriend, Simon Konecki is CEO of Drop4Drop the charity that supplies Britain with local water and clean water to developing nations. The guy’s really got a big heart, hasn’t he? And Adele couldn’t be more in love. She had asked her fans to follow this charity on the promise that she would begin tweeting again. Isn’t that the sweetest, romantically inspiring thing you heard?


Adele‘s a real Hometown girl; Watch this: Hometown Glory
But the thing that bothers me and probably Simon’s public esteem is the sometimes annoying link. I need the public to break these guys up. No, not the evil kind. I’m no bearer of bad news, have that in mind. Hasn’t it ever occurred to you that Simon is hardly ever mentioned without Adele somehow coming into the picture? Well, I’ve always wondered why. Why is he always and mostly referred to as ‘Adele’s boyfriend’? They may be on the same page passionately and Adele is obviously the bigger public star but please guys, Simon, as I believe – at least from what I’ve scripted above – has got a life of his own. Let him  have it! Simon can be talked about without us linking him to Adele, don’t you think? So break them up – in the most loving way possible. I don’t even believe the dude used Adele’s fame to push his own public visibility notches higher like some of you may think but I do believe he deserves a chance. Thank you for agreeing to give it to him.

By the way, the couple is having the time of their lives after giving birth to their beautiful baby boy whom we haven’t seen yet and don’t know what he’ll be called.


Let us know what you guess the baby’s name will be.

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  1. Michelle Spice

    I don’t care about this white girl and her baby! We as Afrikans have more important issues to talk and address than worrying about this!

    Please post real things that make us aware of ourselves and what he have to continue to do for oneness…


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