I stumbled upon this really helpful research and thought it’d be information you’d be happy to have – especially if you are at a crossroads on what next to do to not only impress your prospective boss but have an edge over other applicants.

Employees’ outstanding responses to job calls were noted and these nine, you’ll agree are very exceptional acts. You never know which will guarantee higher recommendations in future.Hope you find this helpful!


Some applicants have impressed HR with creative marketing video messages on why they should get the job


This is a big step and a not-so-common one at that. If you do this, your bosses are likely to be impressed and think twice before they make a decision to refuse you.

A candidate brought in her a suitcase full of binders containing letters of references, certificate of achievements and other accolades


How can any well meaning would-be boss refuse you when you bring this to the table? There more than a few chances, you already have the job.

Another applicant brought in a performance review from his former employer


Your boss will be so keen on employing you as this is proof you’re not trouble at work and don’t pose as a dangerous person. Getting recommendation from your former employer is more than enough proof.

One job seeker sent in a hand made Get Well card when she found out the hiring manager was under the whether


Now this is undoubtedly a really nice and seemingly harmless gesture but you’ve got to be careful so that your innocent intentions are not misunderstood. Try to find out a little more about that boss before you do that; their likes and dislikes and particularly what repels them.

A thoughtful candidate prepared an elaborate online portfolio and presentation


You hardly miss the mark with this one. What you suggest to your prospective bosses is you not only are eager to get the job, you’ve got what it takes.

Another candidate applying for a position as a car detailer brought in his own vehicle to demonstrate his skills


This is an unbeatable edge he’s got over the others and the bosses who are not only looking to hiring people but also ones that will move the brand forward will definitely pick this one over the others. Show some skill, an example or a job you’ve done that relates with what you intend to do at your new company.

Another job seeker contacted the company’s board of directors to try to make his case for being hired


The bosses are likely to see skills in this applicant that isn’t common with every other and more often than not, give leadership-related positions to applicants that show such great deal of confidence and believe in themselves and their potentials.

Another applicant outlined his plans for the company for the next six months


Now because most companies are on the look out for committed individuals who will help build the image of the company (and that doesn’t take just two months!), applicants like this are more preferred as they don’t usually to be out of the company the very moment they got in.

Surprising, surprising, surprising and yes, the most unusual! One applicant came in for the job with coffee and doughnuts with her resume underneath!


That, I have to admit, is the most incredible! Do something outstanding and make yourself capable enough to handle the job and you’ll get it. It’s one thing to get the job and another to keep it so never forget the promises you made about building the company together and accomplishing this and that goal for the company. If your boss senses you’re just another one with a sugar-coated mouth, you know the consequences especially if they are repeated over and again – you’ll lose the job even before you get it.

And in a bid to accomplish your set goals for the company, try not to be too overzealous, it can be irritating. If you also haven’t fulfilled all of your promises but have accomplished a great deal of what you intended to, don’t be discouraged. Your boss is likely to overlook your flaws and concentrate on the big steps you’re making towards fulfillment until he sees you overcome. And overcome you surely will. Happy job finding!

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