FAB Beauty: Two-Tone Lipstick! Yvonne Nwosu Tries Ombre Lips

We love love the two-tone lipstick trend. Yvonne Nwosu posted a beautiful picture of her lips on Instagram and that has got us talking. Her makeup was done by Elaine Shobanjo (Shomya).

Yvonne Nwosu

Yvonne Nwosu

Ombre lips or two-tone lips is definitely a beauty trend to try. The two-tone look works because it subtly contours the mouth. A darker shade around the periphery adds definition, while a slightly softer tone in the center reflects light and creates the illusion of fuller, juicier lips.Check out these two videos of Stephanie Coker and Ella Lee with makeup done by Elaine Shobanjo.

The key is to use two shades in the same color family. They should gradually fade into each other for an ombré effect.

Beauty-Two-Tone-Lips-FAB-Magazine (8) Beauty-Two-Tone-Lips-FAB-Magazine (13) HOW-TO GET THE LOOK: Use a firm brush to precisely apply a deep lipstick shade/hue along your lip line, then blend it toward the center. Next, brush a paler colour into the middle of the top and bottom lips.

There are three ways to go about the Two-Tone lip trend


Beauty-Two-Tone-Lips-FAB-Magazine (5) Beauty-Two-Tone-Lips-FAB-Magazine (7) Yes, dark liner has been a beauty faux pas since the ’90s. But with the rise of the two-tone lip look, there is an opportunity to take chances. The key is to use two similar shades and let the colors “melt” together.


Beauty-Two-Tone-Lips-FAB-Magazine (4) Beauty-Two-Tone-Lips-FAB-Magazine (6) The ombré trend may have started with hair, but now it’s moving on to makeup. To get a diffused effect, apply your base color to the entire lip. Then take a secondary color and apply it to the middle of the bottom lip for a two-dimensional finish.


Emanuael Ungaro Backstage Paris Fashion Week. Fall 2009 Collections Beauty-Two-Tone-Lips-FAB-Magazine (2) Beauty-Two-Tone-Lips-FAB-Magazine (2) Beauty-Two-Tone-Lips-FAB-Magazine (3) The most daring of the two-tone looks is the split-lip look. Choose two different shades in the same color family, but put the lighter color on top and the darker hue on bottom. Try this trick with brick and burgundy shades this season, and watch your friends follow suit.



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