Pout /paʊt/

Verb: push one’s lips or one’s bottom lip forward as an expression of petulant annoyance or in order to make oneself look sexually attractive.

Noun: a pouting expression

Origin: Swedish – Puta (be inflated)

Pout-Perfect-Toke-Makinwa-FAB-Magazine (1)Whenever there is a new fad collectively consuming people regardless of geographic location, occupation, skin colour, height and all that – the rate at which things catch on is unbelievable. This happened with pouting too but it seemed to consume the Nigerian entertainment industry more than anywhere else. We can’t even remember when exactly a pout became a requirement to take a picture (regardless of gender) and now it seems that pouting won’t go away anytime soon.

Pout-Perfect-Toke-Makinwa-FAB-Magazine (2) Pout-Perfect-Toke-Makinwa-FAB-Magazine (1)So if you need inspiration on how to perfect your pout for selfies, we have put together some of the best pouts from the pout master herself – OAP Toke Makinwa. Also we have highlighted makeup tricks to help you get pout perfect pictures – as well as useful tricks for pouting.


Celebrity Inspiration For Pouting – Toke Makinwa


Makeup Tips For The Perfect Pout

  • Exfoliate your lips for softer, smoother lips
  • Stay moisturized on your lips too
  • Experiment with plumping products for lips (you can always ask a beautician when you go to buy your beauty products)
  • Don’t use lip liner and draw outside your lip-line to create fuller lips. You’ll just look like a clown.
  • Use a lighter lip color to make your lips look larger.
  • Apply liner in a color that matches your natural lip tone and fill in your lips completely. This will help keep your lipstick, stain or gloss in place.
  • Use a lip brush to get the color all the way into the corner of your mouth and create a precise, sexy lip.
  • After applying your favorite lipstick, add a touch of gloss to the middle of your bottom lips and smack your lips together to distribute the shine. The gloss reflects light to create the illusion of fuller lips.


Pouting Tricks

  1. Say words like “prune”, “few” or “you” just before the picture.
  2. Put your lips together and blow
  3. Pucker up as if for a kiss
  4. Suck your cheeks a bit


Helpful tips? Let us know if you get your desired result.

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