Solomon’s Daughter is an eco-ethical company that craft a growing range of Organic Beauty Products. They are based in London but consider themselves an International brand of African origin due to their use of a Shea Butter base in each of their products – known to be rich in Vitamin E, promoting healthy hair and skin – which is of course ethically sourced in West Africa.  

Helen Stenning, Public Relations Executive for the brand says: “Here at Solomon’s Daughter we believe that beauty shouldn’t cost the earth, hence we are conscious to keep our packaging to a minimum. Furthermore we ensure that all of our packaging is 100% recyclable. Although a relatively young company, all of our products are individually hand-crafted to a high standard.”

The company have enjoyed high success as they were recently featured in the October issue of Vogue as part of ‘Vogue’s Natural Selection’ – a prestigious achievement to date.

Founded by the Nigerian born Londoner (and Solomon’s Daughter) Kathryn Onomakpome, the company has a solid foundation. Kathryn has a strong background in the creative industry having established herself as an artist and trained as an Architect in the UK. Based in London she aims to showcase Solomon’s Daughter as a high quality product of African origin.

This December Solomon’s Daughter is opening up to the West African market starting in Lagos, Nigeria. They are presently finalising arrangements to stock their line with leading beauty retailers -one of which is BM Pro owned by renowned make-up artist Banke Meshida Lawal.  

Their website states: “Here at solomon’s daughter we are committed to selecting the finest organic ingredients to be used in all our products. So the tale of our shea range begins in the savannahs of the West African plains! Yes! all shea butter in our range is extracted from Karite Tree Pods, with no chemical refining.  This rich golden natural butter is enriched in Vitamin E and great for use in all curly hair types to moisturise, condition and style (you heard right! style those twistouts!!). Not to mention shea butter is great to achieve soft, supple skin with a glowing complexion. A beauty secret this fantastic is definitely worth sharing! So we have lovingly hand crafted all of our products, adding aromatic essential oils; tea tree, almond, lavender and rosemary oils; as well as sensational spices to tickle your senses!! Leaving out undesirable chemical preservatives and bulking agents. So you can enjoy being the natural you!”

You can find more out about Solomon’s Daughter and how to buy their products here.

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  1. Jesutofunmi

    I absolutely love Solomon’s Daughter products! I would particularly recommend trying the lip butters, it gives you everything you want, its conditioning, moisturising and adds the perfect subtle shine.

  2. Urbana Junkie

    Solomon’s Daughter is a definite must have if you want beautiful hair and skin! This brand is a definite contender to The Body Shop and Lush as Solomon’s Daugther uses absolutely 100% organic products which cannot be said for the latter…


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