As Carmex say, “soft lips are just more kissable.” And since you never know when somebody might need you to pucker up under the mistletoe this season, you ought to keep a handy pot or tube of Carmex with you at all times!
Carmex lip balm restores moisture that wind and cold air can suck out of your lips, leaving lips soft, nourised and kissable again! One of the main moisturising ingredients in Carmex lip balm is cocoa butter which is a natural emollient discovered by the ancient Mayans.
I first came across Carmex when I was in a mile long queue in Topshop waiting to buy a new party dress, there was a small stand full of the bright yellow packed balms and curiosity got the better of me. I’m glad I decided to try it because since that day many many years ago, I have been an avid Carmex fan. Tingly and cool once applied, it will make even the chapped of lips happy again. I recommended the product to my friends who also became fans of the pots of balm.

The Original Carmex pot

Since those early days, Carmex brought out their balm in a handy squeezable tube and brought out a variety of flavours; Original, Mint, Strawberry, Lime, Vanilla and Cherry. I’ve only ever tried the Cherry, Original and Mint but I can’t manage to pick a favourite.

The Carmex Strawberry tube


The Carmex Vanilla stick


Carmex is available in the UK from Boots, Superdrugs and other selected stores which hold beauty counters, but take a look here for a full list of stockists of the balm across the US.

All images courtesy of Carmex.

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