toke-hairWe all know that Nigerian media personality Toke Makinwa is a style chamelion who likes shaking things up every now and again. Toke has already experimented with a range of hairstyles this year from edgy bobs to box braids from dark locks to brunette curls. Hence it came as no surprise Toke took to her Instagram account today to ask for suggestions for a new hairdo, clearly itching for a change again. So we decided to have some fun and give Toke some idea.



Toke mentioned “pixie cut” in her Instagram post so we decide to try a few short cuts on her. First we go for Jennifer Hudson’s hair but feel that Toke looks a little too boyish with this cut. While her pixie-like features are perfect to pull off a short cut, perhaps an Elvis-style quiff is a bit too overwhelming.


We can’t help resist pulling a Miley side-shaven pixie on Toke just to see how she looks. And a hair style that could go oh so horribly wrong on someone else looks absolutely fab on Toke. Who knows maybe she should go all out with a blonde pixie cut?



We then graduate on to mid-length. We try this old-school Hollywood glam hairdo on Toke and decide the results are meh…


We decided to stick to mid-length with less volume with a side-swept do in nutmeg tones and the results were amazing.


There is still room for some madness here so we decide to check out how Toke may pull off Kelly Osborne’s lavender bob. The result? She looks like a perfect Harajuku doll.


Another style Toke is considering is a fringe so it had to be done; we had to see how she would look with bangs. Not bad, hey? She kind of reminds us of Beyonce when the diva sported her fringed honey blonde do.



Next up was Solange’s Afro. We reckon Toke’s delicate featured are a little drowned by the huge do. Perhaps a smalle Afro would work better.



It goes without saying that we had to try a variety of long hair styles on Toke, seeing that whether in weaves or box braids she likes to keep it long. For something a little different we tried on platinum blonde poker straight hair with visible roots. Not surprisingly, Toke pulled that one off too.


Next up was Selena Gomez’s mini-bouffant which made for a flattering do showing off Toke’s beautiful face.



Then we tried Kim Kardashian’s glossy brunette locks on Toke and found she could give Kim K. a run for her money.



We decided to check out an off-mid parting with long hair only to find out that it’s actually quite similar to the hair often sported by the media personality – long, mid-parted and poker straight. “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?” was our consensus as this hairstyle truly suits Toke’s facial features.

toke-longWe concluded our little cheeky experiment with the Modiface app with one certainty: Toke Makinwa is blessed with such a beautiful face that she can pull off just about any hairstyle. But what do you think? Do you have a favourite?

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