Acne and minor skin conditions often become the bane of the everyday teenagers (and even adults) lives, and for 19-year-old Cassandra Bankson, it is no different. The Bay Area local decided to use her severe acne problem to help millions of other teens suffering from the same condition, in the hope of helping them to re-discover a little skin confidence.

Making an online video which has aired over YouTube, the seemingly skincare expert has had 1.7million hits to her make-up magic video.

Her skin, looking flawless and glowing on the video looks like it’s been airbrushed to perfection until she strops off the layers of primers, foundations and powders to reveal her acne covered skin. Now, the skin is badly covered but the most amazing thing is that you would have NEVER known had you not seen it be revealed in front of the screen – her face literally looks like smoothed out supermodel perfection.

Beautiful Cassandra, who says she feels “really disgusting” explains to the camera that this is the most nerve-wracking thing she should possibly do.

The teen then takes viewers on a step-by-step lesson as to applying a perfect foundation that covers skin blemishes. Confident and knowledgeable about the complex mix of products she relies on, Cassandra looks like a real pro.

Cassandra - au naturale & still beautiful


Cassandra - made up to airbrushed perfection

By the end of the video, Cassandra is transformed back to the airbrushed model of herself we first saw. “Voila!” she says, “I have somewhat clear looking skin, I hope that you guys enjoy this. I hope you can have flawless skin too. I hope to have the opportunity to bring advanced dermatology and skincare help to other teens and adults with this condition in the future – fixing it from the source.”

Watch the video below:

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