February 2014Is it just us or is Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli a glam queen when it comes to understated makeup?

Red carpet, photo shoots or Instagram selfies, the wife and mother of 3 has perfected the art of subtle makeup – and it really is an art. At a time where a lot of people step on to the red carpet with too much concealer, stained teeth and many more beauty mistakes, Omoni Oboli shows us that it can be easy to get it right.

How to be sexy but understated? Keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum and find a shade that works for your skin. Understated makeup can be super sexy and we find ourselves choosing subtlety over extravagance. Understated makeup enhances your natural beauty. Taking a page from Omoni Oboli’s beauty book here are a few looks that are guaranteed (by us) to inspire you and your beauty choices.

Office/Formal Meeting Look

In this look she plays more with her eyes and leaves the lips more natural looking. This can be ideal for the workplace because with all the coffee drinking and water sipping your lips are bound to get cleaned of any makeup while your eyes would help conceal fatigue and stress.


Church/Family Function Look

Omoni Oboli goes a bit bold with her lips here, but not so much that it is distracting. Pink is always a good understated colour especially when softer shades are used.

Dinner and A movie Look

Dinner and/or a movie can involve friends or your significant other. Basically this look is good for a night out. Notice how she packs her hair away from her face so it is not in the way? That’s a good tip for a night out instead of touching your hair a thousand times.


Fashion Show Look

For this look things are a bit more played up. There is foundation used, concealer under the eyes (is that a hint of blush too?). Things are generally more glamorous for this look without being extravagant so it works for a night where there will be loads of pictures taken.


Red Carpet Look

This look is definitely the most glamorous we’ve seen Omoni Oboli. She takes a lot of beauty risks (like the eyelashes) and follows a few beauty trends (like the crimson lips). It is a nice touch to step away from the red lipstick for a red carpet look, it helps you stand out while still being understated.

Are you a fan of the understated look or you generally prefer to go for something more glamourous? Let us know your perfect beauty look and products that help you achieve your look for the night/day.

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