The weekend is here and we are absolutely excited at the many events that will be happening this weekend as it will give us a chance to rest while also having a whole lot of fun.

Putting together outfits for different events may not necessarily be a difficult task, but one of the more difficult tasks when heading out for any reason at all is in deciding the shade of lipstick to use and why. While a lot of people tend to stick to classic red looks or a pretty pink shade, we think it is time to embrace other beauty looks and take a risk with your lipstick this weekend.

Check out our list of 6 other lipstick shades to try out and use to break out of your beauty routine this weekend!

Orange Lipstick
FAB Beauty 6 Other Lipstick Shades To Try Out This Weekend FAB Magazine (1)

A few weeks ago we gave tips on how to select and use the most flattering shade of orange lipstick (Read it up here). Orange lipstick trend is fast catching on so you may want to try that out this weekend. We recommend MAC’s Lady Danger, a personal favourite.

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