FAB Beauty: 3 Things To Do When You Remove Your Hair Extensions

Do you enjoy the feeling of your hairstylist massaging your head as she shampoos your hair each week? You’ll have that same feeling when you remove your hair extensions after wearing them for the recommended time period. Although you like the look that extensions provide for you, you need to practice good habits so that your hair will be healthy and ready to support extensions at the right time. As soon as your extensions are removed, make sure that you do some things to take good care of your own natural hair.


Run Your Fingers Through Your Hair

woman-combing-hair When you wear extensions in your hair, you can’t comb out the normal amount of hair that you shed each day, so running your fingers through your hair will detangle your hair and make combing or brushing easier and much less painful. After using your fingers, try a wide-toothed comb and work your way around your head until you have the tangles removed. After you’ve removed all of the excess hair and gotten the tangles under control, you’ll want to use a mild shampoo and massage your head to stimulate your scalp and encourage new hair growth. Be sure to use a conditioner after you shampoo so that any remaining tangles will be smoothed out.


Use a Good Conditioner

Woman washing her hair After you shampoo, you should use a comb to work a conditioner that will moisturise your hair; begin at the ends of your hair and work toward the scalp area. Don’t be shocked by the amount of natural hair that you’ll shed as you shampoo and condition your hair; remember that you lose from 50 to 100 hairs per day, and if you’ve had your extensions in for some time, you may find a large amount of loose hairs coming from your head. If you can easily comb your hair with a normal comb, it’s time to rinse and do a deep conditioning of your hair.


Condition Deeply and Trim

black-woman-at-salon-getting-hair-done-essence-magazine-online-hair-investigation After you shampoo and condition your hair, you’ll want to use a quality deep-conditioning product to add vitality and sheen to your natural hair. Use a product that is designed for dry hair and follow the instructions that come with your conditioner very carefully. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can then trim off some of the dead ends of your hair to give it a healthy look. If you don’t want to trim your hair yourself, visit your hair stylist, who can shape up your hair for you. You should let your hair rest before you put in another set of darkest brown clip in hair extensions to enhance your look. Make sure that your hair and scalp have time to recover before you add extra weight with the extensions that you enjoy wearing. This will keep your hairline healthy and your scalp and natural hair prepared for your next adventure with lovely hair extensions that will make you look like a rock star.



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