The author of Is Marriage for White People?  is making headlines again. He claims that black women are disadvantaged when it comes to marriage because of the shortage of stable and employed black men. He says that remedy to this is not to “marry down”, as he thinks many black women do, but to “marry out”.

Nowadays black women are getting into the best education institutions, getting powerful, high-paying jobs but their male counterparts are doing the opposite, according to Banks.

In the article he spouts all these statistics that show black men to just be unfaithful criminals that are in and out of jail and have no education (mind you he doesn’t source these statistics).  And the few black men that are stable and employed don’t marry black women.

He says that black women are “holding themselves hostage to the failings of black men.” He says that people move away from home so they form non-traditional bonds and because of this black people are often the minority in a community making the environment “conducive to interracial relationships.”

Professor Ralph Richard Banks with wife Jennifer and three sons

I am colour blind, you get both good and bad blood in all races which is why I have a problem with Banks’ claims. As a black man himself he should know that these stereotypes of the angry black woman and the thug are outdated and offensive, so why is he enforcing them? Black women should date outside of their race because of the person they are interested in not because they think that it will be easier than dating a black man. Because the truth is, race is only 1/8 of your skin underneath it all everyone is the same.

But what do you think about Banks’ claims? Are black women limiting themselves to black men? Are you in an interracial relationship?

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  1. Nonso

    Tradition and culture has a lot to do with this issue. A culture driven family will hardly let their daughter ‘marry out’. I believe that the ladies are not disadvantaged, but because of certain societal changes where no one wants to ‘make-it-from-scratch’ is kind of affecting the society, there by leading to high expectations in ladys of a man they wish to marry.


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