Nope, they have not shacked up! But unless your postcode is somewhere on Planet Pluto, you would know by now that both have made it to gossip websites the world over today due to some technology-aided nude discretions. The last 48 hours have first seen a leaked text conversation Swizz was allegedly partaking in with a not-so-mystery-anymore-lady with whom he reportedly had cheated – not only on first wife r’n’b singer Mashonda, but also on her beau du jour, the lovely Alicia Keys. Then came the leaked images of Scar Jo teasingly flashing her famed boobs and backside to a phone camera and admittedlt not leaving much to the imagination.

Warning: Some adult content follows after the cut.

In the case of Scar Jo, she has already called on the FBI who are investigating whether the pictures could be those that were reportedly stolen from Johansson’s email account by hackers in March. The actress is feared to have become the latest Hollywood star to fall victim to a cell phone hacker ring responsible for stealing photos and videos from up to 50 A-list stars, the most high profile to date was Vanessa Hudgens with leaked images of her kissing a woman.

While one of photos of  shows Johannson topless, the other shows her naked head-to-toe from behind, including her bottom, as she takes a photo in a mirror while standing wrapped in a towel.

Another high profile celebrity who is reported to have fallen victim to phone-hacking is the Black Swan actress Mila Kunis, with hackers allegedly uncovering picture of her Friends with Benefits costar and rumoured friend-with-benefits Justin Timberlake shirtless on her phone.

In the Swizzy world, on the other hand, he has taken to Twitter to deny any rumours of an affair following the sexts that resurfaced on Bossip where Swizz and his alleged mistress refer to exchanged photos and discuss plans to fly her out to his gigs in other cities. In one message Swizz states explicitly that he’d like to “f**k the sh*t out of her”:

The plot thickens further, however, with an exclusive official statement up and coming singer and Swizz Beatz’s alleged ‘other woman’ Christina Elizabeth made to Bossip:

“I’m only making this statement because I’m being put out there as a liar and I am very embarrassed. I would like to confirm that the rumor about Swizz Beatz cheating on Mashonda with me is absolutely true. I would also like to confirm that the rumors about Swizz “sexting” me, even in his present marriage, are absolutely true. I am also confirming that I lost my cellphone and someone else posted all the stuff that you see on the internet.

Even though Swizz offered and offered and offered to buy me things, the only thing I accepted was plane tickets to go see him. He’s a wonderful man and I had a great time with him as well as a great relationship. Of course he’ll deny the whole thing and of course Alicia will stand up for her man. It’s understood.” (Read the rest here)

White, Christina says, “It’s understood” we are failing to understand exactly what is going on – is this a case of “once a cheater always a cheater” or an ungrounded effort to sully what seems to be one of the sexiest couples in the entertainment world?

Regardless, what is clear is the lesson we learn from Scar Jo and Swizzy: In the age of the internet – hackers or slanderers – whoever might be in the hunt for anything remotely salacious will eventually get to them and whether you’re an A-list celebrity getting naughty with a phone camera or the average Joe/Jane sexting your lover/spouse/partner/bit on the side, make sure you leak-proof your life and think before you click.

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  1. nicola

    wow great post… is there no monogamy anymore!.. swizz has disapointed me!.. how can u cheat on Alicia Keys?!.. if your not happy with a partner/spouse then talk it out or walk away.. the playing game obviously is more riskier than ever.. only ending in embarrasement and heartache!


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