About a week a ago I was going through new posts from blogs on my google reader when I came across this very disturbing picture of a woman’s vagina that seemed to be suffering from some sort of infection. I’m sure some of you saw it too, but what grabbed my attention even more, was the statement that the blogger made saying people should discuss what they saw but nobody should say it’s “Jazz” because we are all “educated”. It got me thinking, “Does jazz, witchcraft or other supernatural phenomena really exist?”



I’ve never witnessed any thing of that nature in my twenty something plus years on this green earth and even the people that tell me stories about jazz always seem to narrate it from a 3rd person’s point of view, I had to sit down and think this through critically. The truth is, I have always believed in the existence of the supernatural having both good and evil forces, where the evil forces are responsible for the kind of things we see in Nigerian home videos like making people mad, formulating charms etcetera etcetera. Based on the fact that I’m a christian and the Bible mentions in a lot of places, the existence of evil spirits and spiritual battles, Im a staunch believer in the theory of the other side that we cannot see. The problem I have is this; a lot of us have had our minds closed for a lifetime because of the beliefs we were brought up with from childhood. We tend not to think things through, sometimes we do not even think about some things at all, we just assume we know the right answers. Picture this, a farmer who lived 1,000 years ago, while people were still writing with quills and ink just suddenly whips out an iPad in front of a large crowd and starts video conferencing with someone millions of miles away via skype.  Such a fellow would surely have been burnt on a stake for practising witchcraft. In fact, the mere mention of the possibility of  such “madness” would have warranted the death penalty and everybody present at the time would have felt the action was  justified.



So it’s 2011, and we see someone dissappear into thin air from our prescence and appear somewhere else several continents away (teleporting), I will be the first person to say “Chei, this guy’s jazz is strong”. But with this new perspective I have, can I still say the same? I mean, a lot of the things that people thought were impossible or even unimaginable 500  years ago are common place now. Like talking to someone on another continent and even seeing them in the palm of your hand from a tablet-like device, flying across the ocean via airplanes was akin to suggesting a mythical flying dragon can transport people on its back many years ago, plastic surgeries, heart transplants, space oddyseys and even cloning are all things that would have stirred up an uprising of the whole world, one thousand years ago. A lot of diseases were said to be plagues brought upon a nation by the gods or by demons possessing the people but these days we can all agree that that’s balderdash.



So lets think about it this way, if a lot of the things people referred to as jazz thousands of years ago are now capable via technology, it might be safe to say that a lot of things will still be invented that will continue to reduce the line between the physical and the spiritual. Or maybe there’s no line at all? I think  jazz or witchcraft might exist but on a much smaller scale than we think, a lot of things we blame jazz for actually have a scientific explanation. My theory is inconclusive of course, I have such an objective mind and I learn everyday, I’m an eternal student.  Do you think “Jazz” exists? Have you seen it’s manifestation first hand? I would love to hear your views.


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  1. Anonymous

    Interesting piece. Funny enuf I used to believe jazz ddnt exist as well until I started getting to understand the bible better. There were a couple of instances were it was mentioned but personally I have never experienced it first hand.

  2. tyjaer

    My opinion is ” technology 2day was Magic or jazz a couple of yrs ago n Magic or wareva 2day wud also be science in the future”. I mean the dude dat 1st came up wiv the heliocentric theory of the earth ws condemned n his believers were burnt at stake by the church but now, its a regular norm dat no1 even finks abt. So dat line btwn wat n wat is Time.

  3. shonnywilliam

    it does!!my tale goes like this when i was twelve(12)i had this teacher dat i loved so much, in sunday school,who taught me the bible every sunday. but on day my mom dreamt dat aunty jacenta-dat her name will come with a gift,dat will cause wahala!!!and the next day she appear with digestive biscuit and handed it over 2me ,,,,,be so ignorant,and forgetting d dream my mom had,i eat the biscuit…….and it haappen

    guess wat …i was scratching my body like a was tried of my skin, i wanted 2 scratch it off ……my brothers took me out because i was shouting,and started pouring water on my body,then my moyher throw the biscuit on her and told her 2 get out that she had failed and GOD is in control…immediately she left d house i stopped scratching my body.i fear far from dat day!!!JAZZ IS REAL BUT GOD WILL PREVAIL IN DAT SITUATION IF U BELIEVE.and dat a rap


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