A new dating website has been launched specifically for white men seeking to date black women. So FAB asks are mixed race couples set to become the norm?


A spokesperson for Colorblindglobal.com said, “People are becoming increasingly interested in cultural differences and accepting interracial relationships or marriage as the norm.”

They added that single people are realizing that they do not have to limit themselves to their own race to find a compatible mate.

“Sometimes being adventurous and meeting someone new from a different ethnic background can be the right fit,” they said.

But what’s interesting about this site is that it aims to bring together males who want to date black females and let’s face it black women are not always seen as the most desirable – just ask Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa.

So what do you think are the tides finally turning? Can black women be happy in relationships with other races? Does race even matter?

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2 Responses

  1. Olumide

    Of course black women can be happy with guys of other races. And race only matters if you let it. It’s all in the mind.


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