FAB Asks: How Naked is Charitably Nude?

As you may have heard, the latest celebrity to join the ranks of those who’ve taken off their kit and bared all in the name of charity is Angela Simmons who got undressed down to her birthday suit and posed for a new Peta Campaign, stating ‘Eating Meat Is A Sin’. As tastefully rendered as the outcome was, it made us question, just how naked in charitably nude?





We are all too familiar in the age of the internet with the rogue naked images of celebrities getting naughty or naked in front of a camera appearing at random in some far flung corner of cyberspace. Think Paris Hilton, you’d think sex tape, right? How about Ray J and Kim Kardashian? Then there’s of course the ‘hacked email’ and ‘stolen phone’ finds… Heard of Amber Rose? Or Scarlett Johansson? Then there is of course boys being boys; now, who can ever forget the less than tastefully rendered self(!) portraits of Chris Brown and TI – not together, obviously, ‘cos that would be twice as strange! Most of the above that have resurfaced to land smack under public gaze or most recently in Twitter trends result in raised eyebrows at the very least, and court action at the most for publishing images deemed to be private on public domain (This of course only applies to images not released personally by the celeb themselves – cough, Mr Brown, cough!).

So what makes us go all aaaawww and oooohhh over celebrities in the nude when it’s done for charity? What makes the same square inches of skin more palatable when they are posed under studio lighting in front of a Mario Testino or a Rankin’s lens? Is it the props strategically placed to cover up what should not be seen by the wandering gaze? Or is it the noble cause for which the clothes have been shed? But somehow, celebrities caught with their pants down (so to speak) in private for their own naughty causes often get frowned upon or ogled for hours (our reaction, we reckon, is often dictated by our voyeuristic tendencies) while others who publicly shed off clothes and reveal what mama (or pops) gave them are equally publicly lauded for their courage to bare all.

As we take you down memory lane of some social awareness campaigns that have featured naked celebrities, scroll down and tell us what you think.


Here are some PETA ads over the years featuring naked celebrities – perhaps, most famously, the I’d Rather Go Naked campaign.

Chad Ochocinco is not the only brave man to bare all as the Cosmopolitan beaus who have stripped for the Everyman charity against testicular and prostate cancer would prove. Footballer Salomon Kalou, American football star Ugo Monye and r’n'b crooner Jason Derulo are only a select few of hundreds who have bared all for Everyman over the years.

Then there is British sprinter Harry Aikines-Aryeetey appears NUDE for charity in a 2011 advertising campaign by Alfa Romeo which raises money and awareness for Heart Research UK.

Marc Jacobs gets in on the nudity for charity act too stripping a range of fashionistas down to their birthday suits for a skin cancer awareness campaign titled Protect the Skin You’re in.

If you’re still not sure where you stand on the matter, here’s the behind the scenes video of Angela’s shoot with PETA to give you a couple of more minutes to shape up your comment. ;)


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2 Responses to FAB Asks: How Naked is Charitably Nude?

  1. Suby says:

    Sorry, but no meat? What nonsense. “eating meat is a sin” In whose world, in my world, not eating meat is a sin. Abegggeeee.

    As to the nakedness, as long as it for a good cause, yup it alright, the moment it being done for their own monetary gain, ofcourse it bad then.

    Just nakedness dressed up. We like anyways ;)

  2. Sharon says:

    I’m a huge Peta fan…. If going nude is for a good cause like Peta’s, count me in! Just taking nude pictures of yourself is the one I have a problem with…. Eating meat is not a sin but I’m working towards being a vegetarian… Fur??? I’d rather go naked :D

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