US rapper The Game has released a track dissing white female rapper Kreayshawn after her and sister, V-Nasty’s  unapologetic use of the N-word. In his track titled  Uncle Otis The Game raps “Lil white b**** better stay in ya place, If you call me a n**** ima put the k in ya face.”

Appearing on the Shade 45I radio station, the Blood hit-maker said, “You can’t be playing with that word, some people will take it serious, especially coming from someone that’s [not black]. There’s a lot of tragic history behind it.” But what happened to all that “tragic history” when it comes out of your mouth? What difference does it make coming out of a black mouth? If you ask me that word should not be used at all.

He says that you can’t play with that word and that you have to take it seriously, does that rule only apply to people who are not black? I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, if black people are gonna show such nonchalance when it comes to that word why should any other race think any different. If we can’t exercise any respect towards ourselves than we can’t expect any other race to do the same. I personally don’t understand his anger towards Kreayshawn nor the threat of explicit violence towards her if she uses the N-word, I just see this as a case of double standards.

But maybe I’m wrong, what do you think? Is The Game’s reaction justified? Share your thoughts!

Check out n****-loaded track Uncle Otis


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