A Jamaican man beat the mother of his child with a vase stand and scraped her face with a lighter because she had not cooked dinner. When Favian Davis returned home with groceries he asked Wendy Appleton to cook, but when she asked him to buy garlic he began to curse her and things turned violent.

Davis pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm in the Montego Bay Resident Magistrate’s Court on July 15. Another allegation is that the next day during another argument Davis lifted Wendy in the air by her neck and hit her on her left ear.

Davis said to the Resident Magistrate Carolyn Tai that he had not eaten anything the whole day while he spent the whole day looking for food for the whole family. He said he was upset that his child had complained of hunger after he had brought home food for Wendy to cook.

To me, there is no way to justify him beating her. You should NEVER resort to violence. But what’s interesting is the expectations that are shown in this story, he brings home the bacon and she’s expected to cook . She got abused for not fulfilling her role as a woman (note that they weren’t actually married).

So FAB asks when a man and woman cohabitate or get married does the man automatically get put into the role of the bread-winner and the woman the home-maker? Or are the roles of men and women not so black and white anymore?

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