FAB Asks: Are Women Married to their Jobs? by Almaz Ohene

Lady Gaga has admitted that she finds juggling love an a career impossible, saying:”Women have to make decisions. Is it a man or is it a career. I was with a man once who couldn’t understand other things could come first.”









Decades of feminism have taught us that we should aim to find fulfilment in a career, not simply in a man. Professor Cary Cooper, head of Organisational Psychology and Heath at Lancaster University, says that it’s largely because women are under so much pressure to perform at work that relationships are taking second place.


Women are acutely aware that they are most vulnerable to redundancy in the current economic climate. A recent study has shown that 1 in 10 UK women work more than 45 hours a week. Is it any wonder that a date you’re not sure will develop into anything simply is placed at the bottom of to-do lists.


A couple of generations ago women were most likely to marry someone that they’d met at school, or from their home town. Today things are completely different what with dating website’s becoming the dating method of choice for more and more single women.


Researcher’s at Germany’s Humboldt University discovered in 2010 that it took at average of 75 hours and £500 for people to find love  on online dating sites. The average length of a relationship starting this way,  being just seven months.


But Professor Cooper cautions against letting work consume your life. “Word isn’t your support system when things go wrong. No. It’s your family and your loved ones, those are the people who care about you.”


Personally, I haven’t had time for a consuming relationship for years. I had an international relationship once  -  since we couldn’t actually be with each other had a lot of ‘skype dates’. That ran its course.  But when it comes down to having to spend a couple of nights a week going out on real dates, I just can’t take that kind of time of of my busy schedule.


Hopefully one day this will change.


Are women getting their priorities wrong? Share your thoughts.


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