Discovered in an issue of American Express Departures magazine by the watchdog website Photoshop Disasters, Gucci’s spring collection ad featuring model Joan Smalls who appears to be sporting a ghost limb is the latest Photoshop epic fail in the world of fashion.

While you may momentarily be drawn to Joan’s gorgeous face or the lush handbag, it won’t take the discerning eye long to spot there is something strange and ghoulish going on down where a perfectly proportioned pair of legs are meant to (at least that’s what we know Joan has in numerous other photos bar this particular one).

Under the handbag is a phantom extension which is not quite one of Joan’s limbs hovering separate from the rest of her body. Hmmmm… Strange, right?

Graham Roberts, a Graphics Editor at The New York Times, told Yahoo! Shine, “It appears that they didn’t understand that we are already looking at her left leg. They made her left leg the right leg and added a left leg,”

The fashion blog Stylelite had a different explanation-that Smalls’ waist and legs had been detached and moved several inches to the right. “This is the first time we’ve seen a model’s hips actively moved several inches to the side and then her leg whittled down to something the circumference of her already slender arms,” wrote Verena von Peffen.

What do you think of this high fashion Photoshop faux pas? We say, time to change your retoucher, Gucci!

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