With World Aids Day penned on the calendar for tomorrow, Thursday 1st December 2011, our lepels are prepared to be pinned down with the little, red, looped ribbon now visually synonymous with the disease affecting more than 34 million people worldwide.

If, like many around the globe, you’re planning to rock the red strip and help raise awareness of the disease, why not go a step further and into stylish territory too, with the National Aids Trust’s (NAT) limited edition ribbon?

Limited edition brooches from NAT

The sparkly red brooch is encrusted with eye-catching red crystals and was designed to be a long-lasting symbol of awareness, kicking the traditional ribbon to the past and arriving as a modern ‘accessory’ of support against aids. Ideal as a gift and as a sylish piece to standout out in while standing up against the disease, the brooch is available to purchase from NAT’s website for 14.99 GBP (including delivery) or for 16.99 GBP with box. 

Though it may be considered a faux pas to think ‘fashion’ when remembering a day like World Aids Day, it pays to support organisations like the NAT through style, when all of the proceeds are going towards the its vital work – Shaping attitudes. Challenging injustice. Changing lives.

So, whether your interested in raising awareness for aids and HIV, supporting charities or are purely into pretty accessories, make sure to pin a red ribbon tomorrow and adorn yourself in something that makes much more than just a fashion statement.


Wear a red ribbon and show your support for aids and HIV sufferers


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