Naheeda, 22, introduces a brand new online jewellery store for females all around the world to shop designer style at high street prices. As a recent graduate with an ambition to have her own (successful) business, Naheeda has used her passion for fashion and buying to bring us Street Princess (because secretly we are all princesses!).


From chunky cluster necklaces to large ‘bling’ studs, there is something for everyone. Whether a student, teenager or a young adult, there is a diva in all of us and the best way to express this is with our accessories!






As well as many one off unique pieces from around the world, what makes Street Princess unique is the classic styles the site offers with jewellery versatile enough to be worn in the day or night with numerous outfit changes.

Scroll down for our FAB interview with Naheeda, who is offering our FABulous blog readers 30% off the entire online range! To take advantage of this offer simply enter code ‘FAB30’ at the checkout!

Tamara Triple Heart Gold Necklace, £27

Belinda Bow Ring, Gold or Silver, £8

Tina Teardrop Necklace, £16

Heart Link Necklace & Earring Set, £22

Hammered Disc Necklace & Earring Set, £19

FAB: Your Name?

Naheeda: Naheeda


FAB: Country of descent/origin?

Naheeda: Bangladesh – but my Bengali (speaking) is so poor!


FAB: Country of residence:

Naheeda: UK, I’m a such London girl because I love the city life.


FAB:Design background (a list of qualifications in design if you have any and where you studied design – if you did)?

Naheeda: I’ve recently graduated with an advertising degree- not jewellery related at all! But I did study A-Level textiles and graphics, so that’s creative.


FAB: Why jewellery design/why not another career?

Naheeda: I absolutely love, love, love to accessorise, and I have tones of jewellery that I have saved throughout the years- which, by the way my mum STILL buys me even though I tell her not to. When it comes to jewellery, don’t throw anything away- the fashion will always come back around!


FAB: Career/design highlight (something that has stood out for you through your work so far)?

Naheeda: Being able to do London Fashion Week with a Jewellery design company I was interning with while at university- that was a lot of fun, as well as a new experience for me. Also, doing this mini interview for FAB Magazine!


FAB: Most fab thing you’ve gained through your work so far?

Naheeda: The most FAB thing I’ve gained so far is the continuing support from my family and friends…oh, and an even bigger collection of jewellery!


FAB: Other designers you are watching/like/appreciate?

Naheeda: Although I love high end designers such as Chloe and McQueen, it’s the smaller independent designers you have to watch out for. There is so much talent out there that goes unnoticed. But I love Kimora’s (lee-simmons) work ethic- she’s very motivated in what she does and acknowledges her fans.


FAB: Your brand/design style in a nutshell (5 words to describe your work/brand/style of design)?

Naheeda: Seeing as the range consists of lots of different styles, the 5 words to describe my brand is: Designer Style @ High Street Prices! The @ doesn’t count, so that’s 5 words!


FAB:The Street princess woman (a description of your ideal client, who they are)?

Naheeda: My jewellery is for all females who love to express themselves through their accessories, they are confident, strong and independent ladies who take pride in their appearance.


FAB: Design signatures (the things you do in your design that is signature to you and your work only)?

Naheeda: I’m still in the process of designing an ongoing signature piece of jewellery. But it would be classic and timeless so it would never go out of fashion.


FAB: Materials you mainly work with?

Naheeda: I Love colourful glass beads, but it’s not to everyone’s taste so I try and keep the range neutral. I think most people like a bit of sparkle, so I have a lot of diamante jewellery in the range.


FAB: Name of and description of your latest collection?

Naheeda: The brand Street Princess has a range of styles, from rock chic to bling queen- but I haven’t had the time to sort them into collections yet! They’ve all been thrown together on the website like one hot jewellery mess (but in a good way!).


FAB: Your favourite piece in your collection/all your work so far and why?

Naheeda: I love gold, so anything in gold- but the rings are my favourite. The bug rings are super cool and also quite popular.


FAB: Most well known person/celebrity to have worn your jewellery to date?

Naheeda: No one as yet, as I’ve just started out- but my friends have all bought my jewellery and its nice to see them wearing it and showing their support.


FAB: Price range?

Naheeda: Anything from £5-£30.


FAB: Where we can buy your pieces?

Naheeda: You can buy from my new online store!

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