The word extravagant does not totally define the kind of lifestyle North is living but we would make do with that word. Her parents plan to spoil her to the fullest and they have no chill when it comes to spending so much to give achieve that. For a mother like Kim who is extremely materialistic, we don’t think this comes as a surprise but we think they are taking it too far.

North West is the 16-month-old daughter of TV reality star Kim Kardashain and Musician dad Kanye West. She is living her life as a queen and that’s just how her parents want it. She lives such a luxurious life that most of us could only wish for. North had a very elaborate one year party and she got a lot of presents from famous designers. She has in her playroom a doll made after Kim and Kanye amongst other dolls. During the Paris Fashion week which held last month, Nori as she is fondly called sat front row with her famous parents and grandmother Kris Jenner at the Givenchy show. Kim also got a tailor that would make all matching outfits with hers for her daughter. That’s what we call sitting on the throne.



Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and North West out for dinner in Paris

It was also alleged that North has her own private chef who makes an all organic food as Kim prefers her daughters food that way. She has at least 5 strollers with each of them costing over $900 and also over 200 pieces of clothes that she has never worn in her closet, you might want to imagine the number of those that she has worn( maybe over a thousand) that’s our imagination though. Some of the other items in her closet includes a $200 Leopard viscose frock from Roberto Cavalli, an Alexander Wang leather dress, Guiseppe Zanotti custom-made shoes and most notably half-carat Lorraine Schwartz studs worth well over $50,000. Her celebrity parents just purchased a $20 million mansion replete with a walk in closet just for North. If this is not extravagant to you, then we certainly don’t know what it is.







north doll

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