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It’s fashion Friday and today we are putting the spotlight on emerging brand Layo G. Luxury brand that provides edgy, tailored clothing for modern day women was founded by Nigerian born designer, Layo Gbadamosi.

Following a degree in Fashion Design at Parsons, The New School for Design, while simultaneously attending law school at Fordham University School of Law, Gbadamosi spent years learning about the business of fashion while interning and working in the legal departments of Burberry, Coach, Saks Fifth Avenue and Stuart Weitzman. Upon obtaining her law license, she served as Counsel and Legal Director for Jovani Fashions before establishing Layo G.

Her latest collection ‘She is King’ is all bout powerful and confident women.

Here we find out more about the Layo G. brand and the lady behind the label, Titilayo Gbadamosi.

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Tell us a bit about your background and the history behind your label?

The name of the brand Layo G is an eponymous representation of my Yoruba name, Titilayo Gbadamosi. Everyone calls me Layo, so Layo G just seemed natural as the brand name. I developed a deep interest in fashion when I was very young. It never quite left me, much to the chagrin of my Nigerian parents who wanted me to pursue law with all my concentration. But my love for fashion was always in the periphery, and a law degree just wasn’t enough for me, I was too deeply entrenched in the idea of a career in fashion to let it go. 

That intense passion grew over the years and led me right to New York City, and to Parsons, the New School for Design. It is one of the top 2 fashion schools in the world, and I was fortunate to have studied Fashion Design there. To make my mother happy though, I simultaneously attended law school at Fordham University School of Law, uptown.  As you can understand, having Nigerian parents, getting a law degree was not an option, so I attended both schools, problem solved. I essentially spent those 3-4 years of getting absolutely no sleep and doing my best to merge my two fields of law and fashion together. I spent years learning about the business of fashion on the legal end by interning and working in the legal departments of Burberry, Coach, Saks Fifth Avenue, Stuart Weitzman, among other companies.  This allowed me to combine both my law and fashion interests.

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When I passed the New York bar and obtained my law license, I became in-house counsel and legal director of Jovani Fashions, the number one prom design house in the eveningwear industry.  As the head of the legal department and as a company executive, I developed a deeper understanding of just how hectic a working-woman’s schedule can be.  She needs an effortless wardrobe to make her day easier.  After years of studying the industry, planning and understanding the market and the type of woman I want to design for, I then established Layo G and here I am now. One huge thing stuck with me during my studies in law school, the idea that articles of clothing receive very little intellectual property. So I was determined to come up with a novel item that will be the signature of the company that could also possibly garner patent protection. That is how our Timeless Jacket concept came about.

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 What inspires your designs in general and what was the inspiration behind the She is King collection? 

I am always and forever drawn to the idea of the strong, confident working woman. She takes ownership of her femininity in a powerful way. Think Claire Huxtable. She is not only breaking barriers in her field, but she also takes ownership of her life as a professional. I love that woman, I identify with that woman. That theme of the strong woman is ever present in all our collections. Our new “She Is King” collection continues on that theme. The Layo G woman is not just the fairy tale princess waiting for some prince to come and save her, She Is King.

 How did your collaboration with Ndidi Emefiele come up? 

As a fellow Nigerian, I became exposed to Ndidi Emefiele’s artwork through a friend of mine, Bunmi Oshodi, who runs an amazing online art gallery, Atandaarts. I was instantly drawn to her captivating, amazing artwork and her style resonated with me. I knew right away that I wanted to collaborate with her.

Upon connecting with her, and in working with her, I saw so much of myself in her.  I absolutely loved working with her. The painting that she created exclusively for the She Is King collection was absolutely amazing, and served as a great inspiration for the collection. We loved the artwork so much we screen-printed an image of the painting onto layers of chiffon for the dress that highlights the collaboration.

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How would you describe the Layo G woman? 

The Layo G woman is fearless, she’s strong, she makes a statement the moment she walks into a room without saying a word. She’s smart, captivating. She’s a boss and I love that woman.

Any celeb clients/fans so far? 

We have a few collabos in the works, but we can’t talk about it quite yet. Mum’s the word! 

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And who would you like to dress in the future? 

I will do absolutely anything to dress Lupita Nyong’o. Her absolutely striking beauty aside, she embodies the Layo G woman in so many ways. She is making waves in her industry and breaking down barriers left and right. She carries herself with such elegance and grace, and her confidence is contagious.

Where can fans buy your designs? 

Any piece from any of our collection is available for custom order directly from us. Customers can email us at to place an order. We are also in talks to have our pieces carried in local boutiques in the NYC area.

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What’s next for Layo G. in the new year? 

We are forging ahead and have already started working on our next collection titled “Warrior”. We can’t wait to present that next year, because I especially tap into my Nigerian heritage for that collection. I’m excited.

What makes Layo G  FAB? 

The Layo G woman’s confidence. I always like to say “confidence is a style” and it most certainly is!

For more info visit Layo G.

Instagram: layo_g_official

Twitter: layogofficial

Facebook: Layo.G.Official

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