It’s Women’s History month and songstress, Estelle made some valid points that caught attention.

In her latest interview with Boombox , Grammy award winning British artiste Estelle, gave kudos to rap star, Missy Elliot She also shared some of her tracks on women emancipation as well as the importance of sisterhood in the music business.



When asked by Boombox on which artist comes to mind when she thinks of women in music and impact, she said in her words;

“I would say Missy Elliott. I was just reminded of what she did at Super Bowl. You forget how good she was [because she hasn’t performed in a while] and you are like “Man, can I just see a Missy concert?” She was killin’ it. People forget that if it wasn’t for Missy there wouldn’t be a lot of funky, I-am-out-there-and-different, loud artists. Artists wouldn’t be able to come out wearing black face paint, sparkles and no eyebrows, a see-through tracksuit, you know. She did all of that. That is why she is one of the most historical and groundbreaking for me.”

And when asked what exactly about Missy’s music stood out for her, she said; “The music was really good. It wasn’t one or the other with Missy. It wasn’t like, “Well, you look great but your sound sucks.” She wasn’t out their looking crazy and sounding wack. She did it all. She could look insane and sound as brilliant as ever. With some artists now you are kind of like I don’t want to see this, you look good but you don’t sound well or vice versa.”


And on the importance of sisterhood in the music business, Estelle remarked:

“It is extremely important. Especially since I have gotten older and I have grown and I have been through the rotation of the industry. I grew up with brothers and sisters so I never had the need to have trillions of friends, but as you start to go through things and you need someone, as I got older the thought of having girlfriends took on a different meaning. Now, I feel like I am at a stage where I call my girlfriends my family. I treat them like my sisters we are in each others lives like we are sisters. It’s almost to a point were its like, “Were you raised together?” But a lot of my friends have been with me from the start like for 10 or 20 years. We don’t do the whole, “Let’s go take pictures on Instagram thing.” We are just genuine friends.”


The influence of women in the world cannot be over- emphasized. Women have been a force to reckon with through all works of life. And even as we battle societal ills directed at our gender, discrimination and sometimes apathy, it is always a relief to see sisters working together, showing more respect than envy and more love than apathy.

So let’s celebrate women all through the years making a mark in this planet. Let’s keep giving honour to those whom honour is due.

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