It is no longer news that most of our celebrities in the entertainment industry have decided to port to politics. In recent times we have the likes of Kenny Saint Brown, Kate Henshaw, Julius Agwu, 9ice, Tony Tetuila and even Desmond Elliot declare their intentions to run for certain positions. This has been the trend and one may just wonder what the future holds.


Soon as the atmosphere got heated up for 2015 elections, Comedian and singer Julius Agwu became the first to announce his political ambition to run as Governor of Rivers state. Initially it seemed like a joke but Julius stated it was no joke as the people of Rivers state in the diaspora and those in the state are the ones pushing for him to contest. And that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Within the space of six months, we have had other entertainers declare their intentions to run for several positions just like they were all waiting for someone to open the dancing floor.

It didn’t take long before Kate Henshaw declares her interest in joining politics to run for the Odukpani constituency at federal House of Representatives. According to the actress, all she needed was 8years as she feels the major problems in Nigeria are caused by long stay in the government. Next up was Desmond Elliot who never claimed to be Yoruba but came up all of a sudden to run for Lagos state house of assembly under the platform of the APC.

julius_d_genius tony tetuila

Anthony Olanrewaju Awotoye popularly known as Tony Tetuila decided to follow the trend. He has just declared his intention to run for Kwara state House of assembly representing Irepodun Local government area under the APC party. Tony Tetuila became popular after his hit track “My car” back in the days and that’s about 12/13years ago, now he is having a comeback but this time not with what he is known for but Politics.

Politics didn’t just spring up from its roots, it has always been in existence but what seems to be strange is why every entertainer/celebrity is rushing into it like it’s the land flowing with milk and honey. What has become the major suspicion is that these celebrities may feel it’s a new avenue for getting financial gain and power. The rush into it has given the portrayal that politics is an industry to make money.

Some people are of the opinion that the entertainment industry on its own over time has not been able to make a remarkable difference and so if the entertainers delve into politics, what’s the guarantee that they would be able to make a change? Why do they feel they have anything to offer since they have not been able to make positive impacts in the entertainment world? Could these entertainers be having mixed feelings that since some people appreciate them in the movies and on stage, it means they would give them the necessary support in politics?

What happens if all entertainers decide to port? It might just turn out to be a celebrity packed, controversial and drama filled government. With recent happenings all I can say is let’s expect the unexpected. 2015 election, who is NEXT???


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