One of the highlights of the October calendar has to be Halloween. Whether you’re a treat or trickster or the fancy dress partier, this is one time of the year, you can experiment with fun makeup looks for one night only. While Frankenstein’s Bride or Spiderwoman are perhaps looks best left for Halloween, there are many beauty looks that can actually transition well for regular evening or even daytime looks. Let’s check out some you do not have to wait till Halloween to play with.

Classy Black Widow 


“If you do not dress up as a zombie on Halloween, run a little more classy, you can always do some variation on the black widow,” says makeup artist Linda Hallberg.

The beauty of this look is you can build the coloured smokey eyes as heavy as you want it to be and embellish the look with fake lashes and paint fake lashes underneath your eyes with black eyeliner.

Keep that eyeliner running as the dark lips are also achieved by the use of black eyeliner.

You can wear this look on a regular night out with plum lips and without the added false lash effect under your eyes and you will still look more classy than clownish.

Claws Out 

emelie j

Fancy the werewolf look? While definitely an attention grabber for Halloween this is one look we would love to try on regular nights out too for a vampy look. Honey Munchkin explains how she achieves the looks with grey and nude polish and some tape – easy peasy and definitely a winning look that won’t freak people out on a regular night out.


Orange and Black Glitter 


Nothing says Halloween better than orange and black and add a little glitter, you are good to go. These nails are definitely not just for Halloween but can lighten up your manicure throughout autumn.


Red and Black Ombre Lips 


Definitely one look for the lips you can try for a vampish look beyond Halloween is the red and black ombre lips. All you need to do is pick your shade of lippy – from fire engine red to dark cherries or plums – most red shades will work with this look depending on the colour you want to achieve.

Cleopatra Eyes


Fancy going to the party as Cleopatra – all gold and black, winged eyeliner? Granted this look is not for the faint hearted, but shorten the wings and keep the gold and black, it works as a fab evening look to add a dazzle to those dark winter nights out. Why not follow these simple instructions to achieve this look?

Blood Red Nails

Vampy red gradient for halloween for bloom 1

Why not match your nails to your lips with the red and black gradient nails? IndianOceanPolish achieves this look with the sandwich bag technique you can try with ease to get vampy nails perfect for Halloween and all other times you feel like a vixen!

Comic Nails 


Comicbook heroine makeup is always big for Halloween’s, but we would never ask you to step out with dots across your face or fake blue teardrops  drawn under your eyes on a regular day. However, if you want to rock the comic book makeup look beyond Halloween the easiest and the most fun way to do so is on your nails. Pink is still very on trend and you can achieve this look effortlessly with bright pink polish, black and white nail art pens. Et voila: comic book look without looking comical!

Red Rebel


Now there are only a very few people who can rock these vampy red and bold eyes beyond Halloween but if you have blue eyes and want to really make them pop on a night out, red is the way to go. You can either go al out and match it with red lips or tone down with nude lips.


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