Yours truly at Afro Hair and Beauty Live 2011

By now, you probably already figured that over the Bank Holiday weekend Team FAB descended on Afro Hair and Beauty Live 2011 show held at the Business and Design Centre in Islington, London. With our multiple tickets, courtesy of the FABulous ladies at the La Geneve North Events, we had the whole UK team represent FAB Magazine over two days. While Juliana has already give you a frame by frame account of our FABulous interns’ day out with General Manager Nicola Odwku and Assistant Editor Cindy Hudson, on Day 1 (Sunday the 29th) it was only yours truly with our fashion intern Makeda Tafari, Creative Director Suby and Contributing Editor Lara Olafisoye meeting and greeting and having a look around. You have probably already seen Makeda’s Afro Hair and Beauty Live Special Style Spotting; hence today, I bring you an Editor’s FAB Finds Special with the FABulous designs and FABulous people at Afro Hair and Beauty Live 2011.

Bag and Accessories by A Timeless Couture

ATC creations

Bianou Jewellery


Bibish Mbemba of Bianou

Eldimaa Fashion

The FABulous Gloria Wavamunno tee

Let's Trade by Gloria Wavamunno

Yolande Letshou of LGN Events and yours truly

Fierce footwear by Bubushiiky

The FABulous Janice Morrison of Afro Chique

The hair guru that is Angela Plummer

Stopwatch Styling runner-up and fellow Turk, Aycan Kemal of New York Hair Design

With the ever so gorgeous Rachael Williams

Rachael at her We Girls Rock stand

5 Responses

  1. Yetunde

    Oh my! Who is the bag designer please. Send a website. Thank you

  2. Sinem

    Hi Yetunde, which one are you after? ATC or Eldimaa?

    Glad you like :)

  3. Annette

    Love your review. Pics are gorgeous!!! I especially love the african prints. My cup of tea. The Bianou Jewellery is flawless. I did see you around AHBL.

    check out my review here @


    Greetings, fantastic report on AfroHair & Beauty Show. Looking forward to reading about it in your next issue. Shalom always JKD


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